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WATCH: Climate alarmists FAIL to garner support in Melbourne

05-30-2023 01:50:00 UTC

Politics Is War | Nikki Haley, Tim Scott & Trump Vs. DeSantis | Reasons For The Infighting? [VIDEO]

05-30-2023 01:00:07 UTC

Uganda Signs Anti-LGBTQ Bill Into Law, Incorporates Death Penalty

The U.N. human rights body says they are "appalled." The post Uganda Signs Anti-LGBTQ Bill Into Law, Incorporates Death Penalty appeared first on Amer

05-30-2023 12:50:09 UTC

Actress Jane Fonda Blames White Men For ‘Climate Crisis,’ Demands Their Imprisonment

Actress Jane Fonda said that white men were the reason for the “climate crisis” over the weekend, demanding their imprisonment. The post Actress J

05-30-2023 12:48:13 UTC

Video Suggests Maricopa County Election Officials Reprogrammed Voting Machines

“This evidence would support our allegation that this election was rigged,” said Kari Lake's attorney Kurt Olsen. The post Video Suggests Maricopa

05-30-2023 12:47:49 UTC

PART 23: LIES OF MEN AND GODS—The Bride of Spot and Wrinkle Blushes for Her Leader

Well before Antichrist’s Superchurch begins to kill, it will use a counterfeit love to groom and condition its adherents into embracing the unthinka

05-30-2023 12:46:01 UTC

Disneyland Hires Man In Dress to Greet Little Girls At Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique

A video that was uploaded on Twitter by Jason Jones shows a grown man wearing a dress at Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. The post Disney

05-30-2023 12:45:33 UTC

AN ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF “WE ARE LEGION, FOR WE ARE MANY” IS COMING… And Experts Identify Characteristics Of The Antichrist, Say Satan Is Currently ‘Grooming’ Earth For His Arrival

Satan is grooming the world to prepare it for the coming of the Antichrist, according to podcast hosts who weekly dive into End Times prophecy to disp

05-30-2023 12:44:58 UTC

Biden Regime Leading All Nations Into Global Beast System, Will Require Compliance With Digital Health Tyranny Enforced By U.N. World Organization

As Joe Hoft writes for The Gateway Pundit, the amended agreement would prevent Americans from doing anything that the United Nations world government

05-30-2023 12:43:46 UTC

Big Pharma To Begin 3D Printing Microneedle Patch For “Injections On Demand”

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with a new microneedle vaccine technology that allows for small vaccine p

05-30-2023 12:42:17 UTC

Human Implanted Microchips Back In The Spotlight

Human implanted microchips are back in the news after biotech company Blackrock Neurotech, based in Salt Lake City announced this week it has already

05-30-2023 12:41:12 UTC

Proof That God Never Forsakes His People

God is faithful and won't abandon anyone who puts their trust in Him. No matter what trials and tribulations we may face in this life, God will always

05-30-2023 12:40:06 UTC

Saved At ‘SatanCon?’ Sean Feucht Says ‘Darkness Is Scared Of Light’ As Something Unexpected Happened At Massive Satanist Gathering

Satanists made headlines for tearing up a Bible and other antics at their “SatanCon 2023” event in Boston, Massachusetts, over the weekend, but po

05-30-2023 12:39:04 UTC

The Elusive, Maddening Mystery Of The Bell Witch

The basic contours of the story have been fixed for at least a century, since the 1894 publication of Martin van Buren Ingram’s An Authenticated His

05-30-2023 12:37:40 UTC

Animals Are Dying in Droves. What Are They Telling Us? “Feels Biblical”

Die-offs like these jolt us even as tens of thousands of species steadily twinkle off into extinction in the Anthropocene. “They really feel biblica

05-30-2023 12:33:26 UTC

Target VP of Brand Management Is Board Member of GLSEN – A Radical LGBTQ Group That Promotes Grooming Pornography and Filth in Classrooms

Target was already facing calls for a boycott over “tuck-friendly” bathing suits and chest binders for “transgender” children

05-30-2023 12:30:09 UTC

Chicago Pride Event Will Feature ‘Drag Dress-up and Makeovers’ for Children — Sponsored By Lululemon

Chicago’s “Queer Fam Pride Jam” Pride event will feature “drag dress-up and makeovers” for children. The post Chicago P

05-30-2023 12:15:54 UTC

Ukraine’s Promised Spring Offensive Ain’t D-Day

I invite you to do a thought experiment. The post Ukraine’s Promised Spring Offensive Ain’t D-Day appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

05-30-2023 12:00:37 UTC

The Leftist Green Agenda Is Buying Its Way Into The News

Proponents of the green movement are pouring millions into grants to sneak news content supportive of their agenda.

05-30-2023 11:56:37 UTC

To Fix Homelessness, Stop Fixating On Housing

The homeless are often both mentally ill and addicted. Yet the government persists in treating homelessness as almost entirely a housing issue.

05-30-2023 11:50:04 UTC

Meet The ‘Nonpartisan’ Dark-Money Group Rigging Michigan Elections So Democrats Can’t Lose

A vast network of liberal dark money is using ballot initiatives to buy substantial electoral reforms that would otherwise be impossible.

05-30-2023 11:35:29 UTC

JD Rucker: Eliminating the debt ceiling Is the catalyst for our nation’s demise…

05-30-2023 11:35:00 UTC

Democrats Are Demanding A Dictatorship In The Debt Debate

Even if Congress breached a constitutional obligation to lift the debt ceiling and so let a default occur, only Congress itself — not President Bide

05-30-2023 11:34:51 UTC

Why today’s elites literally can’t stand free speech…

05-30-2023 11:34:28 UTC

Christians Have Done The Most To Promote Liberty And Equality In America

Historian Mark David Hall’s new book, Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land, offers a corrective to an inaccurate narrative about Christianity.

05-30-2023 11:33:38 UTC

To Address The Loneliness Epidemic, The Feds Want To Control Your Town And Friends

The project is potentially so massive in scope, it’s not an overstatement to say it threatens to regulate our freedom of association in shocking way

05-30-2023 11:33:04 UTC

Trump spotted in NYC on Memorial Day – crowd goes crazy over his show of solidarity…

05-30-2023 11:32:26 UTC

Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham over his latest comments…

05-30-2023 11:31:47 UTC

This doesn’t seem sanitary…

05-30-2023 11:31:06 UTC

Oh my gosh…

05-30-2023 11:30:37 UTC

Imagine if our ancestors who toiled the fields could see this…

05-30-2023 11:30:02 UTC

Chilling new images show devastation of flesh-rotting “Zombie Drug” in Philly…

05-30-2023 11:26:51 UTC

Lonely women are now marrying themselves…

05-30-2023 11:26:21 UTC

High school students are resisting the LGBTQ propaganda being forced on them…

05-30-2023 11:25:44 UTC

Corruption revealed: Durham report exposes FBI, Biden, Obama, and media

The Durham report has been released to the public, and according to Mark Levin, it doesn’t make the government look good. “The Durham report conc

05-30-2023 11:20:12 UTC

John Kerry Calls for Radical Transformation of Agriculture to Combat ‘Climate Crisis’

Biden's Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, said farming practices need to be transformed in order to reach "net zero" carbon emission

05-30-2023 08:59:00 UTC

Study Suggests Transgender Surgery Does Not Benefit Mental Health

A study from the American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP) suggests that "gender-affirming surgery" does not reduce the need for mental health services. Th

05-30-2023 08:58:00 UTC

Federal Wildlife Refuges Told to Create ‘All-Gender’ Bathrooms

Federal wildlife refuges have been ordered to create "all-gender" bathrooms for employees at facilities that do not have single stalls. The post Feder

05-30-2023 08:55:00 UTC

Tuesday Breaking Live: Nine People, Including Three Minors, Shot During Mass Shooting In Florida

The social collapse of society is accelerating - but we've seen this before throughout history. Tune in as we tell you what's next!

05-30-2023 07:50:00 UTC

It's easy to call out Nazis. But what about Antifa? — The Opposition Podcast No. 2

05-30-2023 07:23:50 UTC

Investigation Launched After Venice's Grand Canal Turns Bright Green

Investigation Launched After Venice's Grand Canal Turns Bright Green Residents of Venice, Italy woke up to a mysterious bright green patc

05-30-2023 06:45:00 UTC

What Does Erdogan's Reelection Mean For The New Cold War?

What Does Erdogan's Reelection Mean For The New Cold War? Authored by Conor Gallagher via, Turkish President Recep T

05-30-2023 06:00:00 UTC

HOAX EXPOSED: Covid killed ZERO young people of good health, Israeli data show

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Newly released data show that not a single healthy young person under the age of 50 has died from the Wuhan coronav

05-30-2023 05:40:01 UTC

Parents infuriated as illegal migrants enroll at Chicago schools without health records (while vaccine mandates are forced on American kids)

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Chicago-area public schools require that students provide proper health documentation before enrolling â€

05-30-2023 05:31:01 UTC

LYING MEDIA: Associated Press falsely claimed Target boycotts became “violent,” then changed story after getting caught

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Associated Press (AP) has once again been caught spreading fake news, this time about upset Target customers wh

05-30-2023 05:14:04 UTC

First Target, now Kohl’s: LGBT “pride” clothing for babies being pushed at many perverted American retailers

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The next American company to go the way of Bud Light (Anheuser-Busch) and Target is Kohl's, which was recently caug

05-30-2023 05:01:02 UTC

B-Alert News with Leon Benjamin: Dr. Lee Merritt slams “evil worshipers” for engineering multi-dimensional mankind extinction program – Brighteon.TV

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) For Dr. Lee Merritt, the world is in a spiritual war – but it's being waged on the physical plane.

05-30-2023 04:48:00 UTC

FOOD CRISIS BREWING: Robusta coffee bean prices hit 12-year record high amid El Nino threat

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A shortage brought about by the emerging El Nino ahead of a Northern Hemisphere summer in Vietnam and Indonesia has

05-30-2023 04:31:03 UTC

Outrage over Melbourne school's secretive gender identity survey

05-30-2023 04:27:41 UTC

DOT awards $15M grant to Montgomery County in Maryland for purchase of 13 hydrogen fuel cell buses

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently awarded a $15 million grant to a county in Maryland for the purchas

05-30-2023 04:17:01 UTC

CPA Group Wants States To Secure Elections Using Accounting Techniques

CPA Group Wants States To Secure Elections Using Accounting Techniques Authored by Beth Brelje via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), A sm

05-30-2023 04:00:01 UTC

Black activists distance themselves from BLM following reports of CORRUPTION in the group

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Black activists at the grassroots level have distanced themselves from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement after

05-30-2023 03:58:05 UTC

Aussie motorsport icon Larry Perkins threatens to rescind membership amid Voice controversy

05-30-2023 03:53:32 UTC

War heats up between MAGA and RINOs in Texas over impeachment of AG Paxton — it’s us or them…

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Texas RINOs are attempting to remove Attorney General Ken Paxton through an impeachment vote by alleging some weak

05-30-2023 03:40:05 UTC

China To Put Humans On The Moon By 2030

China To Put Humans On The Moon By 2030 Weeks after Russia's former head of the Roscomsmos space agency cast doubt on the US moon landing

05-30-2023 03:30:00 UTC

Nine people injured, including children, at mass shooting at Florida beach boardwalk

At least nine people were injured at a mass shooting on a boardwalk at a Florida beach on Memorial Day. Video from a live camera showed bystanders en

05-30-2023 03:04:38 UTC

Doug Casey on the death of privacy… and what comes next

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) International Man: In practically every country, the allowable limit for cash withdrawals and transactio

05-30-2023 03:03:02 UTC

Remember The Fallen... And Those They Left Behind

Remember The Fallen... And Those They Left Behind Authored by Brooke Rollins via, The Christmas season of 1942 was

05-30-2023 03:00:00 UTC

PURE EVIL: Government is taking donations away from J6 prisoners so their families starve and they lose everything – and so defendants cannot afford attorneys

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Regime is Now Punishing the Conservative Families.(Article by Jim Hoft republished from T

05-30-2023 02:44:00 UTC

Total Farce: Real Spending Under Debt Ceiling Deal Actually Goes Up Next Year

Total Farce: Real Spending Under Debt Ceiling Deal Actually Goes Up Next Year Late last week, we were the first to correctly summarize wh

05-30-2023 02:39:08 UTC

Victor Davis Hanson: The Left is Waging a Cultural Revolution Against Traditional America (VIDEO)

Conservative scholar and historian Victor Davis Hanson recently appeared on FOX News to talk about how the left is rapidly trying to change so many a

05-30-2023 02:30:46 UTC

Alberta Election: Healthcare for the Unvaccinated?

05-30-2023 02:28:15 UTC

How the ‘cult of woke’ is being used to transform America into a marxist totalitarian state, destroying everything ‘good’ our country once stood for while crushing the American people

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Twenty years ago, I interviewed a young woman for an entry-level position at the prestigious university where I tau

05-30-2023 02:26:01 UTC

Conservative Parties Rock Socialists and Score HUGE Wins in Spain Elections – Populist Vox Party Triples Its Seats

Conservatives and populists won big in the Spanish elections on Monday. The post Conservative Parties Rock Socialists and Score HUGE Wins in Spain El

05-30-2023 02:25:27 UTC

VIDEO: 3 Marines beaten and stomped after confronting 30-40 teenagers for being unruly at California beach

Three self-identified U.S. Marines were beaten up and stomped on by a crowd of teenagers after the group was confronted for being unruly on a Califor

05-30-2023 02:22:59 UTC

Vivek Ramaswamy Says Biden’s Cognitive Problems Are a Benefit to the Managerial Class That’s Using Him as a Puppet (VIDEO)

Republican hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy made an interesting point about Joe Biden during a recent appearance on FOX News. The post Vivek Ramaswamy Says Bi

05-30-2023 02:10:24 UTC

America is Being Assassinated by the Left and the ACLU

Michael Savage on Newsmax T.V. Press play below to watch video The post America is Being Assassinated by the Left and the ACLU appeared first on The S

05-30-2023 02:10:00 UTC

Mother Nature Beats Cruise Ship Like Modern Day Titanic, Flooding Destroys Several Decks Causing Passengers to Panic (Video)

The Carnival Sunshine cruise ship was on its way to Charlestown, South Carolina when all of a sudden a severe storm caused the ship to suffer major f

05-30-2023 01:55:55 UTC

"Trans Rights" Means Trans Entitlements And The End Of Civil Society

"Trans Rights" Means Trans Entitlements And The End Of Civil Society Authored by Wendy McElroy via The Mises Institute, A “civil socie

05-30-2023 01:50:00 UTC

High School in Texas Forced to Postpone Graduation When Only Five Students Meet Requirements to Graduate

A high school in Texas has been forced to postpone graduation because so few students met the requirements to graduate. The post High School in Texas

05-30-2023 01:45:21 UTC

Community outcry over Victorian government's native logging ban

05-30-2023 01:42:00 UTC

Kissinger at 100: More Than Half a Century of Treachery, Betrayal, and Treason

Far from celebrating Kissinger's longevity, Americans should demand an official accounting of his misdeeds and decades of treacherous aid to the enemi

05-30-2023 01:27:13 UTC

Senator Price dismisses claims of investment risk tied to Voice vote

05-30-2023 01:26:55 UTC

DEVELOPING: Mass Shooting in Hollywood, Florida – 9 People Injured – 3 Victims Are Minors (VIDEO)

Memorial Day beach goers near the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort in Florida scattered Monday evening after shots were fired. The post DEVELOPI

05-30-2023 01:21:08 UTC

More Than 50,000 US Stores Will Close By 2027 According To UBS

More Than 50,000 US Stores Will Close By 2027 According To UBS Over 2,000 stores across all retail sectors have closed in the past 12 mon

05-30-2023 01:15:00 UTC

Security video captures terrifying shootout between bus driver and passenger who was allegedly angry over missed stop

Transit authorities said a dispute over a missed stop on a bus led to a terrifying shootout between the driver and passenger and it was all captured

05-30-2023 01:06:15 UTC

Great Balls of Fire: Uproar After 26-Foot Statue Honoring Soccer Great Has Giant Bulge

A giant statue of Argentinian soccer legend Marcelo Gallardo is raising eyebrows after the sculptor deliberately gave him a huge bulging package. The

05-30-2023 12:59:28 UTC

There Are 99 Pages Of Details In The Debt-Ceiling Deal, And A Big Trap On Republicans

There Are 99 Pages Of Details In The Debt-Ceiling Deal, And A Big Trap On Republicans By Mish Shedlock of Mish Talk Semifinal Details

05-30-2023 12:40:00 UTC

Hillary Clinton Appears to Steer Bill Clinton as They March in Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade (VIDEO)

Bill and Hillary Clinton on Monday led the Memorial Day parade in their hometown of Chappaqua. The post Hillary Clinton Appears to Steer Bill Clinton

05-30-2023 12:36:58 UTC

Covid comrades: Dan Andrews gives departing WA Premier socialist salute

05-30-2023 12:27:36 UTC

No Laughing Matter: John Cleese Holds Line Against Calls To Cancel Scene In 'Life Of Brian'

No Laughing Matter: John Cleese Holds Line Against Calls To Cancel Scene In 'Life Of Brian' Authored by Jonathan Turley, We have previou

05-30-2023 12:25:00 UTC

Arkansas pastor’s two daughters killed by a train that struck their truck

An Arkansas pastor’s two young daughters were tragically killed when their truck was hit by a train on Thursday, also badly injuring the preache

05-30-2023 12:15:48 UTC

Amazing Speech: Trump Honors Fallen Vets on His First Memorial Day as President

The post Amazing Speech: Trump Honors Fallen Vets on His First Memorial Day as President appeared first on American Faith.

05-30-2023 12:14:35 UTC

Philadelphia Crime Wave Of Burglary, Larceny And Auto Theft Spills Into Nearby Suburbs

Philadelphia Crime Wave Of Burglary, Larceny And Auto Theft Spills Into Nearby Suburbs The crime wave that has been actively taking place

05-30-2023 12:05:00 UTC

SHOWDOWN: Dirty FBI has Until Tomorrow to Turn Over Unclassified Document that Ties Joe Biden to $5 Million Bribery Scheme – Or Face Contempt of Congress Hearings

Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and the House Oversight Committee announced last Thursday the Oversight Committee will launch Contempt of Congress procee

05-30-2023 12:04:11 UTC

Kohl’s becomes latest retailer to market LGBTQ clothing to children

Shoppers are criticizing Kohl’s after the department store became the latest major retailer to sell LGBTQ clothing for infants and young kids. A

05-30-2023 12:01:22 UTC

Feinstein was reportedly confused that Kamala Harris was presiding over Senate: 'What is she doing here?'

A New York Times report documented the extent of the cognitive limitations of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and fueled anger over her return to th

05-29-2023 11:52:40 UTC

(WATCH) 13-year old girl dies from the latest social media trend called ‘chroming,’

The family of a 13-year-old Australian girl who died from “chroming” has urged action to prevent similar deaths from occurring. “We

05-29-2023 11:52:18 UTC

REVEALED: Elite Plan To Use Pharmaceutical Drugs For Mass Social Engineering

Jay Dyer hosts the 4th hour and discusses the strategies outlined in Huxley’s lesser known essays on control through pharmakeia. Big Live Event

05-29-2023 11:46:03 UTC

Shocking New York Times Review of The Little Mermaid Complains the Children’s Film Had Insufficient ‘Kink’

A shocking New York Times review of The Little Mermaid complained that the children’s film had insufficient ‘kink.’ The review, p

05-29-2023 11:40:20 UTC

Jane Fonda: White Men Cause the Climate Crisis; “Arrest and Jail” Them

“Wisdom doesn’t always come with age,” the saying goes — “sometimes age just shows up all by itself.” Critics could thus lament with news

05-29-2023 11:31:46 UTC

VDH: It Was Always Only About Power With The Left

VDH: It Was Always Only About Power With The Left Authored by Victor Davis Hanson via American Greatness, Why do so many liberal climate

05-29-2023 11:30:00 UTC

INSANE VID: Husband of Second Place Beauty Pageant Winner Rushes Stage, Snatches Crown From Winner — Smashes It

The husband of the second-place winner of a Brazillian beauty pageant rushed the stage, stole the crown, and smashed it to pieces on Saturday. The po

05-29-2023 11:20:34 UTC

Infant Placed in Tennessee’s First Safe Haven Baby Box — Just 30 Minutes After Being Born

An infant has been placed in Tennessee’s first Safe Haven baby drop box just 30 minutes after delivery. The post Infant Placed in TennesseeR

05-29-2023 11:00:39 UTC

UN WHO Coming in for the Kill With “Health” Schemes

The United Nations World Health Organization is plotting monumental assaults on liberty, self-government and national sovereignty under the guise of g

05-29-2023 11:00:00 UTC

64% Of Americans Don't Work-Out At All

64% Of Americans Don't Work-Out At All How do Americans work out? While hitting the gym is something that around a third of those who

05-29-2023 10:55:00 UTC

Tennessee Rep. Submits Resolution to Honor Daniel Penny

Five congressmen have backed the resolution in the House, and thousands of Americans have backed Penny by contributing to his legal fees. ... The post

05-29-2023 10:52:04 UTC

Another Humiliation For Joe Biden: China Snubs Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin

China snubbed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s request for at a meeting with Li Shangfu, China’s new defense minister. The post Another Humil

05-29-2023 10:40:14 UTC

Judge Halts South Carolina’s Six-Week Abortion Restriction Pending State Supreme Court Review

A judge halted South Carolina’s six-week abortion restriction pending a review from the state’s Supreme Court. The post Judge Halts South

05-29-2023 10:20:04 UTC

Gaslighting: The American People Are Trapped In A Textbook Abusive Relationship

Gaslighting: The American People Are Trapped In A Textbook Abusive Relationship Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog, I

05-29-2023 10:20:00 UTC

One school in New York's Coney Island neighbourhood was housing migrants — without the consent of parents — in the building's gymnasium

05-29-2023 10:03:00 UTC

Trump Posts Memorial Day Message Honoring Those Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice

Former President Donald Trump posted a Memorial Day message on Monday honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The post Trump Posts Memorial D

05-29-2023 10:00:56 UTC

Orthodox Italy Pilgrimage! Join Us!

Christ is Risen!  Dear brothers and sisters, We invite you to join a special Orthodox Pilgrimage to Italy. This spiritual journey is scheduled to tak

05-29-2023 09:54:03 UTC

Chinese Developers Resorting To "Negative Down Payment" Practices

Chinese Developers Resorting To "Negative Down Payment" Practices In its attempt to reboot China's real estate property market bubble, wh

05-29-2023 09:45:00 UTC

Resistance Rappers Crash ‘Boycott Target’ Into the Hip/Hop Top Ten

"The PRIDE line features PRIDE flag onesies for infants, and bathing suits to encourage boys to be girls through 'tucking,' and girls to be boys by pr

05-29-2023 09:42:12 UTC

Ep. 3081b - [DS] Pushing [FF] Narrative, Insurrection Act Of 1807, Shot Heard Around The World

This Innovative Fan Helps Keep You Icy-Cool In Any Scenario: Click The Link Above For 66% OFF ^^^  The [DS] is in the p

05-29-2023 09:40:26 UTC

Biden Laughs Off Trump Pardon (VIDEO)

Joe Biden laughed off a Trump pardon on Monday as he was about to board Marine One en route to New Castle, Delaware. The post Biden Laughs Off Trump

05-29-2023 09:37:58 UTC

Ep. 3081a - As The Economic System Breaks Down The People Are Now Turning To Alternative Currencies

Record Night Vision in 4k w/ These Binoculars!! Click Here --> Get Up To 60% OFF Clicking The Link Above^^^  The cli

05-29-2023 09:14:42 UTC

South Dakota Governor Tells Higher Education Board To Remove Mandates On Preferred Pronouns

South Dakota Governor Tells Higher Education Board To Remove Mandates On Preferred Pronouns Authored by Mimi Nguyen Ly via The Epoch Time

05-29-2023 09:10:00 UTC

Ottawa ignored 'fiscal stabilization' amendments for years, costing Albertans billions of dollars

05-29-2023 09:07:23 UTC

Anti-war Is Right, Not Left

Memorial Day is for honoring and mourning those who’ve died while serving in the United States armed forces — despite what we think of the people

05-29-2023 09:00:00 UTC

Joe Biden on Memorial Day: Confusion, Yawning and Not Knowing How to Salute (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Monday participated in a wreath lying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia. The post Joe Biden

05-29-2023 08:55:25 UTC

Video: Ecstatic HS baseball players celebrate championship game 'win' after batter strikes out — but party kicks off a tad too early

New York's Hornell High School was facing Palmyra-Macedon in the Section V Class B1 championship game Saturday, and with two outs in the bottom of th

05-29-2023 08:45:00 UTC

Queen’s Park Sir John A. Macdonald statue STILL covered: Toronto Mayoral candidate Rob Davis wants to free it

05-29-2023 08:39:00 UTC

Liberal US Cities Top Global List For Highest Homelessness Problem

Liberal US Cities Top Global List For Highest Homelessness Problem Insider Monkey, a finance website, revealed a list of the top 30 citie

05-29-2023 08:35:00 UTC

President Trump Arrives to New York City For Memorial Day to Cheering Crowd of Supporters (VIDEO)

President Trump was spotted in New York City for Memorial Day weekend. The post President Trump Arrives to New York City For Memorial Day to Cheering

05-29-2023 08:20:59 UTC

'We have a government that does not respect the Constitution': Maxime Bernier speaks at Capitalism and Morality seminar in Calgary

05-29-2023 08:20:29 UTC

Alberta NDP candidate advocated for 'No More Pipelines Act' during Supreme Court Appeal

05-29-2023 08:13:42 UTC

The Great Silence

The Great Silence Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via, The kids are two years behind in education. Inflation still rages.

05-29-2023 08:00:00 UTC

Jane Fonda Blames White Men For Climate Crisis, Calls For Them to be Arrested and Jailed

Jane Fonda; stock photo ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda said white men are to blame for the climate crisis and called for them to be jailed. The post

05-29-2023 07:55:37 UTC

Biden admin ridiculed after Government Accountability Office reportedly bans male, female terms: 'Forcing a woke ideology down our throats'

The Biden administration was ridiculed after the Government Accountability Office reportedly banned male and female terms.What are the details?The GA

05-29-2023 07:47:00 UTC

Get ‘Em Before They’re Gone: MyPillow’s Clearance Sale On 45 Items — Up To 80% Off!

We all know that woke corporations like Bed, Bath and Beyond canceled their contracts with MyPillow after Mike Lindell stood up to the Left. The post

05-29-2023 07:35:15 UTC

World's First "Battery Tanker" Slated For 2026 Sea Trials

World's First "Battery Tanker" Slated For 2026 Sea Trials Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a bold prediction in 2017: "Everything will go fully

05-29-2023 07:25:00 UTC

“Our Young People Have Good Sense!” – College Grads Humiliate Liz Cheney After She Smears President Trump and Brags About the January 6th Committee Witch-Hunt (VIDEO)

Disgraced warmonger Liz Cheney was completely humiliated by college students while giving the commencement address at her alma mater Colorado College

05-29-2023 07:10:34 UTC

DeSantis chides woke military in Memorial Day interview, promises ‘very big changes’ if elected

NY Post Florida governor and presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis spoke out against the “emphasis” on woke “political ideologies” infiltrating th

05-29-2023 07:08:09 UTC

Smith pledges to tackle 'social disorder' caused by violent crime, addiction

05-29-2023 06:53:12 UTC

Bus Driver Fired from Job After He Shoots Rider Who Pulled a Gun on Him and Threatened to “Pop Your A**” – With Video

A Charlotte bus driver got in a shootout with a passenger after the passenger threatened him with a gun. The post Bus Driver Fired from Job After He

05-29-2023 06:52:09 UTC

Taiwan Says It's In Talks On Being Brought Under US Nuclear Umbrella

Taiwan Says It's In Talks On Being Brought Under US Nuclear Umbrella Authored by Dave DeCamp via, Taiwan’s foreign ministe

05-29-2023 06:50:00 UTC

Blood in the Balkans: Albanian Kosovo Police Invades Serbian-Controlled Municipalities to Depose Elected Mayors – Serbian Citizens React Violently – NATO Peacekeepers Clash With Protesters

Tensions are flaring again between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo. The post Blood in the Balkans: Albanian Kosovo Police Invades Serbian-Controlled Mu

05-29-2023 06:30:49 UTC

Extreme fluoride toxicity exposed in federal lawsuit against the EPA

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A November 2016 petition filed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought light to the negative health

05-29-2023 06:28:02 UTC

FDA finally admits that cocoa flavonols boost cardiovascular health

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Every so often, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually gets something right and tells Americ

05-29-2023 06:27:04 UTC

Border officials see significant increase in illegal crossings by Chinese nationals, increasing risk of ChiCom infiltration and spying

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The U.S. Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection agents have seen a substantial increase in Chinese nationa

05-29-2023 06:27:00 UTC

How organic farming practices preserve biodiversity in the natural world while growing healthy abundant food

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Organic farming's ultimate goal is to build and improve the health of the soil and regenerate the health of not jus

05-29-2023 06:26:03 UTC

Uganda's president signs anti-gay legislation into law — includes death penalty for 'aggravated homosexuality'

Uganda's president signed into law anti-gay legislation which includes the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality," the Associated Press reporte

05-29-2023 06:20:00 UTC

DOJ, Prosecutors Trying To Claw Back Donations Made To J6 Defendants

DOJ, Prosecutors Trying To Claw Back Donations Made To J6 Defendants While BLM protesters got a Kamala Harris-endorsed bail fund during t

05-29-2023 06:15:00 UTC

“What is She Doing Here?” Dianne Feinstein Confused Over Kamala Harris Presiding Over Senate

The Democrats will do ANYTHING for power. The post “What is She Doing Here?” Dianne Feinstein Confused Over Kamala Harris Presiding Over

05-29-2023 06:04:38 UTC

VIDEO: Ex-UN Executive Director Exposes Globalist Elite Child Trafficking

Learn how and why the globalists use sexual blackmail to control people

05-29-2023 05:57:27 UTC

See the Video of Dr. David Martin Exposing COVID as a Biological Warfare Crime

Everyone in the world should see this spot-on description of the Covid scam

05-29-2023 05:51:35 UTC

Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: Jovan Hutton Pulitzer discusses the Kari Lake election saga – Brighteon.TV

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Election integrity expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer joined Ann Vandersteel on the May 22 episode of her Brighteon.TV pr

05-29-2023 05:48:03 UTC

China bans critical industries from purchasing Micron products for failing “cybersecurity review”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) China is banning major Chinese firms from purchasing products from American semiconductor company Micron Technology

05-29-2023 05:48:01 UTC

Alex Jones Calls for Rallies at the Border to Fight Human Trafficking

We The People must voice our opposition to Biden's open borders

05-29-2023 05:47:10 UTC

Bill Gates’ former young lover closely linked with notorious Russian spy Anna Chapman

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Big Tech billionaire Bill Gates is being strongly criticized for his previous relationship with an exceptional youn

05-29-2023 05:47:01 UTC

Support healthy cognitive function with 5-htp powder

Groovy Bee® 5-HTP Powder contains no gluten or GMOs and is thoroughly lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology. It is also vegan, BSE

05-29-2023 05:46:58 UTC

Before its collapse, Silicon Valley Bank gave over $70 million to Black Lives Matter, other woke causes: report

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The report also highlighted that Signature Bank gave $850,000 to Black Lives Matter before folding.(Article by Jose

05-29-2023 05:46:02 UTC

Anarcho-tyranny unleashed in the United States

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The terms anarchy and tyranny seem like they are contradictory. Anarchy means no state. Tyranny means nothing but s

05-29-2023 05:44:02 UTC

25,000 Traders Bet On ChatGPT's Stock Picks

25,000 Traders Bet On ChatGPT's Stock Picks Authored by Andrew Fenton via, Almost 25,000 investors have signed up to t

05-29-2023 05:40:00 UTC

Learn the ADL and SPLC Plans to Demonize Conservatives as Racist Before it’s Too Late

Globalists ramping up the divide and conquer machine

05-29-2023 05:35:28 UTC

Zero COVID deaths in healthy adolescents, Israel Ministry of Health says

05-29-2023 05:19:12 UTC

Woke ‘Little Mermaid’ Reboot Completely Bombs in Reviews, IMBD Blames Online Trolls, Manipulates Votes to Give Higher Audience Score!

The woke ‘Little Mermaid’ reboot completely bombed in reviews this weekend. The post Woke ‘Little Mermaid’ Reboot Completely

05-29-2023 05:15:03 UTC

Debt ceiling package would expedite approval of stalled natural gas pipeline project, bring millions in tax revenue to W. Virginia, Virginia

The debt ceiling bill released on Sunday included a provision to expedite approval of the stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline, a 303-mile natural gas pi

05-29-2023 05:15:00 UTC

Japan On High Alert As North Korea Plans Satellite Launch In Coming Days

Japan On High Alert As North Korea Plans Satellite Launch In Coming Days On Monday, North Korea informed neighboring Japan that it plans

05-29-2023 05:05:00 UTC

Major Charges Dropped Against Sai Kandula – The East Asian Migrant Terrorist with Nazi Flag Who Tried to Ram White House and Take Over the Country

Last Monday night, one week ago, a young migrant from Chesterfield, Missouri drove a U-Haul truck and attempted to ram his way through a White House

05-29-2023 05:00:38 UTC

Spiritual Warfare 

We are all in a fight between good and evil, so become a warrior for God and stand strong. May this SGT Report interview be a blessing to you. DI

05-29-2023 05:00:00 UTC

Smith says courts should 'frown' at Québec’s 'special' carbon tax deal

05-29-2023 04:54:30 UTC

“Disrespectful” – Award Winning Singer Causes Uproar After She “Changes Up” the National Anthem at the Indianapolis 500 (VIDEO)

  Speedway, Indiana- Two-time IndyCar champion Josef Newgarden won the 2023 Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, his first victory at the event in 12 att

05-29-2023 04:45:51 UTC

Rabobank: Will The Debt Deal Pass Smoothly Or Will Congress Spoil It In The Last Minute?

Rabobank: Will The Debt Deal Pass Smoothly Or Will Congress Spoil It In The Last Minute? By Benjamin Picton, Senior Macro Strategist at R

05-29-2023 04:30:00 UTC

Looks like something BIG may be brewing and here are three possible scenarios

(OPINION) In case you haven’t noticed it appears that something big is on the horizon and there are some breadcrumbs being laid out to give us c

05-29-2023 04:28:05 UTC

This simple video demonstrates the REAL meaning of Memorial Day

The post This simple video demonstrates the REAL meaning of Memorial Day appeared first on The Savage Nation.

05-29-2023 04:23:17 UTC

Employees say they were fired after calling police on masked crooks caught on video swiping items from Lululemon store (UPDATE)

UPDATE: 7:12 p.m. EST: A Lululemon representative on Monday afternoon told TheBlaze the reason the two employees were terminated was for "knowingly v

05-29-2023 04:20:00 UTC

Good Samaritans Step Up to Help Highway Patrol Officer Under Attack (Video)

  New video has been released of a California highway patrol officer under attack by an irate man and the moment several good samaritans stepped

05-29-2023 04:15:11 UTC

Black Lives Matter co-founder's deal with Warner Bros. TV ends without producing any shows

05-29-2023 04:10:12 UTC

VIDEO — L.A. Boy Scouts Place 90K Memorial Day Flags at National Cemetery: ‘Never Forget What They Did for Us’

Boy Scouts participated in a Memorial Day flag placement ceremony at the Los Angeles National Cemetery on Saturday to honor [READ MORE] The post VIDEO

05-29-2023 04:00:00 UTC

Australian Territory to Take Over Catholic Hospital in Pursuit of “Reproductive Justice”

The territorial government plans to take over the hospital to make way for a government-run facility to ensure that “reproductive justice,” i.e.,

05-29-2023 03:38:54 UTC

Parents Send Warning After Teen Daughter Dies After Attempting Deadly Tiktok Challenge Involving Common Household Products (VIDEO)

  Two parents are sounding the alarm after their teenage daughter suffered a horrible death while attempting a deadly social media trend. The po

05-29-2023 03:35:20 UTC

Unprecedented images reveal what’s happening on the sun as it approaches ‘solar maximum’

New images of the sun’s surface captured by a powerful ground-based solar telescope have revealed sunspots and other features in unprecedented detai

05-29-2023 03:31:28 UTC

From Twitter

The post From Twitter appeared first on The Savage Nation.

05-29-2023 03:30:00 UTC

Lululemon employees fired for attempting to stop shoplifters and calling police

05-29-2023 03:11:19 UTC

NY law graduate uses graduation speech to claim laws are ‘white supremacy’ that ‘oppress and suppress people’ and to attack ‘fascist’ police and military

A NYC law graduate has used her commencement speech to claim that laws are ‘white supremacy’ as she attacked American [READ MORE] The post

05-29-2023 03:09:33 UTC

New York Makes ‘Body-Shaming’ Illegal

'I’m a person that believes in health, so when you talk about not discriminating against someone because of their body type, it’s not fighting aga

05-29-2023 03:01:21 UTC

Raechel Samsel Was Arrested and Abused Following Jan. 6 – Her Crime Was Walking to Capitol and Standing Outside – Please Help Raechel if You Can – She Has Lost Everything

On January 6, 2021, Raechel Samsel and her husband Ryan Samsel woke up early in the morning and left Pennsylvania to head down to Washington DC. The

05-29-2023 03:00:53 UTC

'Everything fell on top of me, and I barely made it out the door': 6-story apartment building partially collapses, injuring at least 8 — rescue operation ongoing

A six-story apartment building in Davenport, Iowa, partially collapsed over the weekend, injuring at least eight people, authorities reported. What

05-29-2023 03:00:00 UTC

Track and field champion Selina Soule speaks out against men in female sports

05-29-2023 02:47:57 UTC

Ilhan Omar 2.0: CUNY Law School Graduation Speaker and Migrant from Yemen Lectures About “Oppressive Institutions” and “White Supremacy” in Speech (VIDEO)

City University of New York invited graduate and future lawyer Fatima Mousa Mohammed to speak at graduation this year. The post Ilhan Omar 2.0: CUNY

05-29-2023 02:45:21 UTC

Chicago Descends Deeper Into Dystopia As Armed Robbers Target 48 Victims This Weekend

Shocking home surveillance camera footage shows group of armed thugs rob two residents who stood outside their house.

05-29-2023 02:41:11 UTC

Transgender state rep bags Children's Minnesota Health Hero Award for facilitating pediatric gender transitions

05-29-2023 02:38:44 UTC

Russia Issues “Arrest Warrant” For Senator Lindsey Graham

Just 48 hours after Senator Lindsey Graham took a trip to Kyiv to visit Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia’s Interior Ministry issued a

05-29-2023 02:35:01 UTC

NY Times Ripped for Lamenting Lack of ‘Kink’ in New ‘Little Mermaid’

New York Times writer complains PG-rated live-action remake of classic Disney film didn't have enough sexualized content for children.

05-29-2023 02:25:57 UTC

Unhinged Climate Activist Disrupts Swedish TV Show, KO’d by Cameraman

  Another day, another meltdown by an environmental wacko. The post Unhinged Climate Activist Disrupts Swedish TV Show, KO’d by Cameraman

05-29-2023 02:15:05 UTC

Google Receives Backlash After Its Homepage Lacks Adequate Effort to Properly Honor Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day

When it comes to memorializing a Member of the LGBTQ community Google goes all out for its home page graphics but today on Memorial Day Google is rec

05-29-2023 02:00:40 UTC

'Twilight' actress who has 'nonbinary' 7-year-old child rips Target for moving Pride display to back of store: 'We’re not supposed to negotiate with the terrorists'

"Twilight" actress Rachelle Lefevre blasted Target for moving a Pride display to the back of a store amid nationwide complaints and backlash, tearful

05-29-2023 01:59:00 UTC

False Flag Alert! Media & Homeland Security Warn ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Or Russia Set To Attack Power Grid

Feds and MSM laying groundwork for potential power blackouts

05-29-2023 01:56:42 UTC

UPDATE: Eight Republicans Already Voting No on McCarthy’s Spending Bill

UPDATE: At least eight House Republicans have already announced they will vote no on Kevin McCarthy’s spending deal with Joe Biden. The post UP

05-29-2023 01:45:38 UTC

Watch: Climate Change Protesters Try to Crash Swedish Dance Show — Camera Man Nails Them With Crane!

Clever camera jib operator used overhead rig to slam into activist whose vision was obscured by flag he was carrying.

05-29-2023 01:37:04 UTC

GET YOUR TICKETS ONLINE: Kari Lake to Hold ‘Defend America Rally’ With Former ICE Director Tom Homan in Phoenix, AZ – LOCATION TBD

Kari Lake is set to hold a “Defend America Rally” with ICE Director under President Trump, Tom Homan, in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday.

05-29-2023 01:30:41 UTC

BBN, May 29, 2023 - Medvedev guarantees Russia will NUKE America if Biden deploys F-16s

Brighteon Broadcast News, May 29, 2023 - Medvedev guarantees Russia will NUKE America if Biden deploys F-16s 0:00 Intro 2:50 The Worst Deal 18:43 Fin

05-29-2023 01:16:42 UTC

Kevin McCarthy Receives Community Fact-Checks After He Brags About Cutting Spending in Debt Negotiations with Bumbling Dementia Patient

Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy met with bumbling Joe Biden last week to negotiate a federal budget before the deadline approaches in early June. T

05-29-2023 01:15:59 UTC

Trump Support Swells as DeSantis Collapses in New Poll

Last Updated on May 29, 2023 A new 2024 national GOP Primary poll shows President Trump with a commanding 38-point lead over his closest competitor, F

05-29-2023 01:13:27 UTC

McCarthy’s debt-ceiling deal with Biden comes up short on his vow to rein in IRS

Kevin McCarthy trumpeted a debt-ceiling deal Sunday, but increasing debt another $4 trillion with minimal concessions is nothing to boast [READ MORE]

05-29-2023 01:13:05 UTC

Memorial Day warzone: At least 41 people shot and nine killed in Chicago during holiday weekend

At least 41 people have been shot and nine killed as shootings ravaged Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. Historically, [READ MORE] The post Memor

05-29-2023 01:06:47 UTC

“Trans Rights” Means Trans Entitlements and the End of Civil Society

Civil society is possible only because most people want to live securely, protect their loved ones, and prosper.

05-29-2023 01:05:49 UTC

Can We Protect Ourselves from Inflation?

The purchasing power of money declines over time due to an increase of the money supply. It then follows that the prices of most goods and services in

05-29-2023 01:00:48 UTC

Ashli Babbitt’s Grieving Mother Micki Witthoeft Was Swindled by a Grifter – Micki Needs Help to Continue Her Selfless Activism in Washington DC

Freedom Corner started on August 1, 2022, when Micki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, started holding the nightly vigil from 7 until 9 pm each

05-29-2023 01:00:04 UTC

Monday War Room LIVE — Honoring Our Heroes: Special Memorial Day Edition

Watch & share this special Memorial Day rebroadcast of War Room!

05-29-2023 01:00:00 UTC

Experts are warning that there is an increased risk of terror attacks by right wing ‘lone wolf’ actors

The US is at an increased risk of domestic terror attacks by rightwing “lone wolf” actors, experts have warned, as inflammatory Republican rhetori

05-29-2023 12:58:41 UTC

DeSantis’ Disastrous Presidential Announcement Shows He Isn’t Serious Competition For Trump

Ron DeSanctimonious’ bid for the Oval Office blew up on the launch pad

05-29-2023 12:57:01 UTC

Now Kohl’s Facing Backlash For Pushing LGBTQ Clothing To Children

Another retailer goes all in on Pride virtue-signaling despite successful boycotts against Target and Bud Light's LGBT campaigns.

05-29-2023 12:55:59 UTC

Watch: Climate Change Protesters Try to Crash Swedish Dance Show — Camera Man Nails Them With Crane!

Leftist eco-activists protesting climate change during a Swedish dance show were foiled when a crafty cameraman swung his camera’s crane [READ MORE]

05-29-2023 12:54:00 UTC

Testosterone levels ‘plummeting’ in young men due to porn consumption

(OPINION) From London to Los Angeles, an increasing number of young men are retreating from society, isolating themselves for extended periods. When a

05-29-2023 12:48:09 UTC

Kevin McCarthy ‘Not at all’ Concerned About Losing Speakership – Claims 95% of the House GOP Supports the Deal During Conference Call

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) claimed confidently that he is “not at all” concerned about losing his position as Speaker of the House despite growing opp

05-29-2023 12:45:41 UTC

Happy Memorial Day 2023

Happy Memorial Day 2023! The post Happy Memorial Day 2023 appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

05-29-2023 12:30:33 UTC

WATCH: San Francisco PD Shoots Man Who Allegedly Snorted Cocaine, Reached for Pistol

San Francisco police officers shot and killed 40-year-old Sergio Barrios following a three-hour standoff during which Barrios allegedly snorted cocain

05-29-2023 12:16:00 UTC

Search and Rescue Ongoing After Apartment Building Partially Collapses in Davenport, Iowa (VIDEO)

Authorities in Davenport, Iowa, have launched search and rescue operations following the partial collapse of a six-story apartment building on Sunday

05-29-2023 12:15:14 UTC

VIDEO: Bus Driver Fired After Shooting Alleged Armed Attacker

A North Carolina bus driver in the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) was fired after surveillance video showed him shoot [READ MORE] The post VIDEO

05-29-2023 12:14:00 UTC


[FROM LARRY JOHNSON — I am posting this for a friend, David L. The post THE IRONY OF MATT TAIBBI appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

05-29-2023 12:00:07 UTC

FBI has ONE DAY to turn over document linking Joe Biden to an alleged $5MILLION bribery scheme with a foreign national or else face contempt of Congress proceedings

The FBI has one day to turn over an internal document that Republicans claim shows President Joe Biden was involved [READ MORE] The post FBI has ONE D

05-29-2023 11:47:00 UTC

Jewish protestors raise Israeli flag, sing at Roger Waters Frankfurt concert

Jewish protestors interrupted Roger Waters‘ concert in Frankfurt on Sunday with Israeli flags and by singing “Am Israel Chai” (the [

05-29-2023 11:02:00 UTC

Erdogan Declares Victory on Bus Roof in Violent Turkish Presidential Election

Longtime Turkish strongman leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared victory on Sunday evening in the second and final round of this [READ MORE] The post

05-29-2023 10:52:00 UTC

Report: Dianne Feinstein Confused by Sight of VP Kamala Harris Presiding over Senate

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was confused by the sight of Vice President Kamala Harris presiding over the upper chamber last [READ MORE] The post Repo

05-29-2023 10:24:00 UTC

Political Correctness Creates A Prison For Your Mind - David Icke In 2008

Video Sponsor - Watch 'The Holy Grail' only on - Start your free seven day trial now. Order T

05-29-2023 09:35:48 UTC

This Memorial Day, Remember The Courage And Forgiveness That Made America Great

When Americans sacrificed their lives in military service, it was not just to defend the United States but to uphold the natural rights associated wit

05-29-2023 08:00:00 UTC

Re-heating rice can put you at risk for this potentially fatal disease

Few things are as delicious as warm, fluffy rice. Unfortunately, however, rice can create ideal conditions for potentially dangerous bacteria [READ MO

05-29-2023 07:59:00 UTC


Law Office of Daniel Horowitz 925-283-1863 Click Here for More Information The post FOR THE BEST LEGAL REPRESENTATION I ONLY RECOMMEND THE LAW OFFICE

05-29-2023 07:30:00 UTC

How Conservative Gamers Could Lose It All

Right now, there’s just too much risk that someone who finds himself on the wrong side of the government or of a woke business can lose something he

05-29-2023 07:20:00 UTC

You can prove that vaccines cause autism in one VAERS query

Why would there be a 38X reporting difference for autism between the HepB vaccine and the MMR vaccine? They are both on the CDC schedule and given dur

05-29-2023 07:07:16 UTC

Proof: author of #1 paper showing no link between vaccines and autism is corrupt

I offered Professor Anders Hviid $25,000 if he would defend his autism study and supply us with the underlying data he used so we can validate it. He

05-29-2023 04:58:49 UTC

51 shot, 12 fatally in Chicago Memorial Day weekend shootings, 2-year-old girl shot herself after finding gun

Chicago suffered yet another bloody Memorial Day weekend with at least 51 people shot, including 12 who were fatally shot. The widespread gun violenc

05-29-2023 03:40:25 UTC

Watch: NBA Superstar Reveals What Really Matters After Being Asked if Fatherhood Has Helped His Game

In a world full of people (and especially professional athletes) who have an outsized sense of self-importance, words cannot begin to describe how re

05-29-2023 03:30:13 UTC

Member of the Fed-Infiltrated Patriot Front Group Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography

A member of Patriot Front, a group many believe is made up of federal agents, pleaded guilty to having possession of child pornography. The post Memb

05-29-2023 03:00:19 UTC

BREAKING: The US COVID mitigation measures resulted in 23X higher COVID deaths

The unvaccinated Amish were the control group. Their infection fatality rate from COVID was 23X lower than the surrounding community. Their secret? Th

05-29-2023 03:00:00 UTC

Stanford professor says aliens are 100% already on Earth living among us and have 'been here a long time'

A Stanford University professor and renowned ufologist confidently declared that not only have aliens visited Earth, but they have "been here a long

05-29-2023 02:33:28 UTC

Chicago: Man in ‘Peacekeeper’ Vest Arrested in Brutal Beating and Robbery of Motorist

A man wearing a neon “Peacekeeper” vest was arrested for brutally beating and robbing a motorist Friday night in the Little Village neigh

05-29-2023 02:31:52 UTC

Biden Snaps at Reporter Asking Why He Compromised on the Debt Ceiling: “I Didn’t. I Made a Compromise on the Budget” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Sunday evening delivered remarks on his final agreement with Speaker McCarthy on the debt ceiling. The post Biden Snaps at Reporter Asking

05-29-2023 01:41:00 UTC

COVID vaccines have likely caused over 25,000 new cases of multiple sclerosis (MS)

Since the media is hiding the causality evidence, I wanted to share this with you. Then ask yourself, why is the CDC remaining silent? Why can't we ha

05-29-2023 01:36:20 UTC

Emotional Army veteran expresses frustrations with VA in viral TikTok video: 'I just want some f***ing continuity of care with mental health'

An emotional Army veteran expressed his deep-rooted frustrations with attempting to get consistent mental health from the Department of Veterans Affa

05-29-2023 01:17:00 UTC

Universal Studios to Host All-Ages ‘Pride Night’ Featuring Drag Shows, Photo Ops With Children’s Characters

Universal Studios Hollywood is teaming up with Los Angeles Pride to host an all-ages after-hours “Pride” celebration at the theme park. T

05-29-2023 01:00:51 UTC

Conservative House Republicans Threaten to Sink Biden, McCarthy Deal: ‘We’re Going to Try’

Conservative House Republicans reacted angrily Sunday to the compromise agreed to between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden to raise the

05-29-2023 12:40:33 UTC

Kohl’s Is Selling Transgender Themed Clothing For 3 Month Old Babies

It appears Kohl’s wants to follow in the footsteps of Target and Bud Light. The post Kohl’s Is Selling Transgender Themed Clothing For 3

05-29-2023 12:15:55 UTC

“The Russians are Dying. It’s the Best Money We Ever Spent” – Lindsey Graham Cheers the Ukrainian Killing Fields in Meeting with Zelensky (VIDEO)

Warmonger Senator Lindsey Graham visited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev on Friday. The post “The Russians are Dying. It’s

05-28-2023 11:50:24 UTC

JUST IN: Biden, McCarthy Reach Final Agreement on Debt Limit to Avert Default

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden on Sunday reached a final agreement on the debt limit to avert a government default. The post JUST IN: Bid

05-28-2023 11:32:23 UTC

NEW VIDEO EVIDENCE: Maricopa County Elections Officials Illegally Break into Sealed Election Machines after they were Certified and Before the Election – Inserting Reprogrammed Memory Cards – MUST SEE!

A new video exposes Maricopa County’s secret machine tampering, where they reprogrammed the voting machines on October 14th, 17th, and 18th so

05-28-2023 11:10:45 UTC

WILD VIDEO: Indy 500 Car Flips After Collision, Tire Flies Over Crowd Narrowly Missing Fans

Indy 500 racer Kyle Kirkwood flipped his car in a scary crash involving Felix Rosenqvist on Sunday. The post WILD VIDEO: Indy 500 Car Flips After Col

05-28-2023 10:50:24 UTC

The Harmful Trans Tsunami Being Aided and Abetted By Woke Wonders

"The level of mass stupidity here is mind-boggling. And the big losers are women and children."

05-28-2023 10:30:37 UTC

‘Boycott Target’ Song By Pro-Trump Rap Group Hits #2 on iTunes Rap and Hip-Hop Chart

“Boycott Target” by Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy, featuring Nick Nittoli and Stoney Dudebro, has reached number two on iTunes Rap and Hip

05-28-2023 10:30:06 UTC

Target pulls some LGBTQ Pride products following boycott, queer and transgender designers blame 'domestic terrorists'

Following threats of a Target boycott, the big-box retailer yanked some LGBTQ Pride products. Queer and transgender designers blamed "domestic terror

05-28-2023 10:21:00 UTC

New Records from FBI Vault Reveal FBI Is Unable To Find Out Who Is Behind QAnon

The FBI in the month of May uploaded several high-profile records into their vault which included reports on Queen Elizabeth II, the San Bernardino a

05-28-2023 10:10:06 UTC

Climate Change Alarmist Leonardo DiCaprio Parties on Super Yacht in Sardinia

credit: TMZ Climate Change alarmist Leonardo DiCaprio partied on a mega yacht along the coast of Sardinia this weekend. The post Climate Change Alarm

05-28-2023 09:46:00 UTC

Horrific footage shows devastation of Philadelphia’s ‘tranq’ epidemic

Horrific footage shows the devastating toll the “tranq” drug epidemic has had on addicts in Philadelphia. @urbanvisuals2.0 #kensingtonphilly #kens

05-28-2023 09:25:00 UTC

Huge Win: U.S. Biggest Children’s Hospital Will No Longer Offer Hormone Therapy and Other Transgender Care for Minors

In a significant development following embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s investigation, the biggest children’s hospital in th

05-28-2023 09:18:15 UTC

THE LIE-ENCE OF CLIMATE CHANGE; are sea levels rising? What’s the truth?

Michael Savage on Newsmax T.V. Press play below to watch video The post THE LIE-ENCE OF CLIMATE CHANGE; are sea levels rising? What’s the truth?

05-28-2023 09:18:00 UTC

Ep. 3080b - [DS] Showed The People The Blueprint To Beat Them, Puzzle Coming Together

This Innovative Fan Helps Keep You Icy-Cool In Any Scenario: Click The Link Above For 66% OFF ^^^ The [DS] has now shown

05-28-2023 09:17:42 UTC

Man charged in human smuggling case at Canada border pleads not guilty; parents, 2 children froze to death

A Florida man pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a deadly human smuggling case at the border between the United States and Canada, Grand For

05-28-2023 09:15:00 UTC

Old Navy to Close Downtown San Francisco Location, Joining Retail Exodus

Breitbart The Old Navy on Market Street near Union Square in downtown San Francisco is closing, joining a retail exodus [READ MORE] The post Old Navy

05-28-2023 09:00:00 UTC

Fat Activists Cheer As Mayor Adams Signs Bill Banning Weight Discrimination in New York City (VIDEO)

Fat activists cheered as Mayor Adams signed a bill banning weight discrimination in New York City. The post Fat Activists Cheer As Mayor Adams Signs

05-28-2023 08:57:14 UTC

Ep. 3080a - Never Interfere With An Enemy While They Are In The Process Of Destroying Themselves

Record Night Vision in 4k w/ These Binoculars!! Click Here --> Get Up To 60% OFF Clicking The Link Above^^^ John Kerr

05-28-2023 08:56:36 UTC

Lindsay Graham Meets With Zelensky — Says Ukraine War ‘Best Money We’ve Ever Spent’

Lindsay Graham, a remnant of the Bush era Neocon fold, has been a busy bee in the past year. He [READ MORE] The post Lindsay Graham Meets With Zelensk

05-28-2023 08:30:00 UTC

Furries Are Now Angry with Ron DeSantis! Florida Furry Con Bans Minors From Attending Fetish Convention in Response to New Legislation

Furries; stock photo The furries are now angry with Ron DeSantis. The post Furries Are Now Angry with Ron DeSantis! Florida Furry Con Bans Minors Fro

05-28-2023 08:20:14 UTC

California boy, 12, graduates from college — with 5 degrees

NY Post A 12-year-old boy who wanted a challenge graduated from a California college last week, where he was presented [READ MORE] The post California

05-28-2023 08:18:00 UTC

MAGA Base Blasts McCarthy-Biden Debt Deal

Last Updated on May 28, 2023 The MAGA base is furious with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over his deal with Joe Biden to raise the debt ceiling. The de

05-28-2023 08:15:24 UTC

PURE EVIL: Government Is Taking Donations from J6 Prisoners So Their Families Starve and They Lose Everything – And So Defendants Cannot Afford Attorneys

Gateway Pundit The Regime is Now Punishing the Conservative Families. And we know the Republican Party will say nothing, and [READ MORE] The post PURE

05-28-2023 08:10:00 UTC

Target Loses Over TEN BILLION Dollars in Ten Days Amid Conservative Boycott

Retail giant Target has lost $10 billion in ten days amid a conservative boycott over Pride-themed clothing items for children. The post Target Loses

05-28-2023 07:55:14 UTC

Video: Service dog receives diploma alongside Seton Hall University graduate; audience erupts in cheers

A fetching, furry, very good boy walked across the stage Monday to receive a diploma alongside his companion, NPR and other outlets reported.Six-year

05-28-2023 07:46:00 UTC

MIRACLE IN MISSOURI: Catholics Flock to Missouri Convent to See Exhumed Remains of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster Whose Body Is Intact After Her Death Four Years Ago

Thousands of Catholics are flocking to Gower, Missouri to see the exhumed remains of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster. The post MIRACLE IN MISSOURI: Catho

05-28-2023 07:35:36 UTC

2 More Horses Die at Churchill Downs – A Total of 12 Dead Horses in Less Than Two Months

Two more horses died at Churchill Downs this weekend. The post 2 More Horses Die at Churchill Downs – A Total of 12 Dead Horses in Less Than Tw

05-28-2023 07:15:53 UTC

Reminder: Conservatives Are Looking To Boycott And Move Spending Away From Woke Corporations — Here Is One Way To Do It

(Note: Thank you for supporting American businesses like the one presenting a sponsored message below and purchasing through the links which benefits

05-28-2023 06:55:52 UTC

John Cleese refuses to remove 'Life of Brian' joke about a man becoming a woman and having a baby that critics call 'transphobic'

John Cleese refused to bend the knee to the outrage mob who called for a joke to be removed from an upcoming stage version of Monty Python’s "Life

05-28-2023 06:46:19 UTC

Woke “Twilight” Actress with “Non-Binary” Child Gets Blasted After Calling Target Boycotters “Terrorists” and Whining Over Store Removing LGBT Products (VIDEO)

A woke actress had an epic meltdown on social media over Target removing some of its LGBTQ products and got obliterated by conservatives afterwards.

05-28-2023 06:30:04 UTC

JUST IN: Turkey’s Erdogan Claims Victory in Presidential Runoff, Extending Authoritarian Rule Into 3rd Decade

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday claimed victory in the presidential runoff against challenger Kemal Kilicdaroglu. The post JU

05-28-2023 06:10:03 UTC

Joe Biden’s America: Price of Ketchup, Mustard and Relish Skyrocket

Joe Biden’s America. The post Joe Biden’s America: Price of Ketchup, Mustard and Relish Skyrocket appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

05-28-2023 05:50:37 UTC

U.S. government says it owns everyone’s THOUGHTS, calling it “cognitive infrastructure”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The fight is on to hold the United States government responsible for colluding with social media companies to censo

05-28-2023 05:36:02 UTC

RINOs in Texas legislature move to impeach ‘America first’ attorney general, Ken Paxton, who has battled against Big Pharma, Big Tech and the LGBT cult

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) What in the world is going on with Republicans in the red state of Texas?An investigating panel has announced that

05-28-2023 05:35:03 UTC

Vindictive, weaponized federal government finally gets its revenge on Jan. 6 protesters with 18-year ‘seditious conspiracy’ conviction of patriot group leader

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Left-wing agitators used the horrific death of George Floyd in May 2020 to riot in cities and towns across the coun

05-28-2023 05:35:00 UTC

Left-wing lunatic professor who held NY Post reporter at bay with a machete fired from job

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) New York City is replete with far-left 'prosecutors' and district attorneys who regularly refuse to charge people w

05-28-2023 05:34:01 UTC

Left-wing extremism tied to antagonistic narcissism and psychotic tendencies, study says

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) New research published in the journal Current Psychology suggests that narcissistic individuals with psychopathic t

05-28-2023 05:33:02 UTC

Instead of fixing America’s conventional food supply, CDC researchers plan to eliminate the term OBESITY and re-brand it a DISEASE, to avoid confusion

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The CDC wants the term obesity erased from existence instead of trying to help obese people get healthy or making a

05-28-2023 05:32:03 UTC

PURE EVIL: Government Is Taking Donations from J6 Prisoners So Their Families Starve and They Lose Everything – And So Defendants Cannot Afford Attorneys

The Regime is Now Punishing the Conservative Families. The post PURE EVIL: Government Is Taking Donations from J6 Prisoners So Their Families Starve

05-28-2023 05:30:12 UTC

Target loses $9B in market value following BOYCOTTS launched against its LGBT Pride kids’ clothing line

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Big-box retailer Target has lost $9 billion in market value as a result of boycotts over the launch of its LGBT "Pr

05-28-2023 05:21:05 UTC

Home sales in China PLUMMET drastically, putting world’s largest real estate market on the brink of COLLAPSE

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The real estate market of China, the largest in the world, is on the brink of collapse as enthusiasm from Chinese h

05-28-2023 05:21:01 UTC

Travel advisory issued by advocacy group warning parents to avoid “trans refuge” states

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) An advocacy group has issued a travel advisory warning parents about recent legislation in California and Minnesota

05-28-2023 05:20:05 UTC

Police: Man Shot and Killed on DC Metro Train at Navy Yard-Ballpark Station

Police reported a man was shot and killed onboard a Green Line Metro train at the Navy Yard-Ballpark station in Southeast, Washington, D.C. The post

05-28-2023 05:14:27 UTC

Speaker Kevin McCarthy lauds Biden-approved debt ceiling deal; Freedom Caucus Republicans not on board

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) discussed details on the debt ceiling agreement in an exclusive interview on Fox News Sunday."We're going to

05-28-2023 05:05:00 UTC

Carbon-credit Scammer Steps Down Amid Claims That Credits Are Worthless

A joint investigation found that the threats to the Amazon rainforest being used as justification for issuing the credits were overestimated by 400 pe

05-28-2023 05:00:39 UTC

Here are Some of the Reported Details of the Debt Limit Agreement Between Biden and McCarthy

In a critical development to address the impending debt ceiling crisis, Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) have reached a deal

05-28-2023 04:20:10 UTC

New York City hotel housing migrants has become a 'free-for-all,' including children getting drunk: Ex-employee

A once-trendy hotel in New York City – which has since been repurposed to house migrants – has become a hub of intoxicated children, drugs, and v

05-28-2023 04:08:49 UTC

Dianne Feinstein Relies Heavily on Army of Staffers to Function, Aides Have to Whisper In Her Ear in Between Votes

Feinstein cannot function without an army of staffers. The post Dianne Feinstein Relies Heavily on Army of Staffers to Function, Aides Have to Whispe

05-28-2023 03:57:28 UTC

Tiny Christian College Goes on Offensive as Biden Tries Forcing Female Students to Share Dorm Rooms – Even Showers – with Men

A small Christian college in America’s heartland is fighting a legal battle with far-reaching implications. The post Tiny Christian College Goe

05-28-2023 03:30:41 UTC

The HUGE Silver Lining to the Trump-DeSantis Feud

Regardless of the infighting between Trump and DeSantis, the important thing for conservatives is that the GOP is freeing itself of its liberal neocon

05-28-2023 03:30:00 UTC

Trump Calls Out Gov. Abbott for Being “Missing in Action” on RINO Impeachment of AG Ken Paxton

On Saturday, The Gateway Pundit reported that the Republican-led Texas House on Saturday impeached highly popular Attorney General Ken Paxton over al

05-28-2023 03:15:17 UTC

Is “Meaningful Reform” Enough to End FISA’s Assault on the Fourth Amendment?

Something stronger than milquetoast “meaningful reform” is necessary to dismantle domestic surveillance and restore the Fourth Amendment. ... The

05-28-2023 03:06:07 UTC

All of the Grooming Pornography and Filth in Classrooms Goes Back to Obama – Obama’s Safe School’s Czar Was Promoting It (Warning on Content)

Retail giant Target has partnered with GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) for years. The post All of the Grooming Pornography and F

05-28-2023 03:00:34 UTC

Bad News for Americans: 98% of 87,000 IRS Agents are Here to Stay After McCarthy Caves in to Democrats

Earlier this year, the House of Representatives voted 221-210 to repeal funding for 87,000 IRS agents. The post Bad News for Americans: 98% of 87,000

05-28-2023 02:45:24 UTC

UConn Now Requires Anti-Black Racism Course for All Undergraduate Students

The University of Connecticut (UConn), which has embraced inviting radicals to campus like Linda Sarsour who called for jihad against President Tru

05-28-2023 02:30:00 UTC

Why Republics Are Superior to Monarchies and Aristocracies

America’s government was fashioned as a republic. This can’t be stated enough. In fact, it must be hammered home over and over and over again, as

05-28-2023 02:22:36 UTC

Gov. Noem Calls For College Board to Prohibit Drag Shows and Remove References to Preferred Pronouns

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has called on the state’s Board of Regents to prohibit drag shows on college campuses and order the removal o

05-28-2023 02:15:47 UTC

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against San Bernardino County, CA for Its Treatment of Children in Foster Care Following Sex Abuse Case

San Bernardino County in California is facing a class action lawsuit over its treatment of children in the foster care system. The post Class Action

05-28-2023 02:00:21 UTC

Climate Activists Arrested on Federal Conspiracy Charges for Damaging Degas Display at DC Museum

  A pair of climate activists have been taken into custody following a federal indictment for conspiracy to commit an offense against the United

05-28-2023 01:45:13 UTC

Dallas School District Installs AI Surveillance to Monitor Student Behavior

It is likely that many other schools will install these systems in the name of safety. But, who will be watching the watchers? ... The post Dallas Sc

05-28-2023 01:42:49 UTC

Killer whales are ramming boats off the coast of Spain in spate of deadly attacks

Killer whales which have been ramming and sinking boats off the coast of Spain may be doing so to avenge [READ MORE] The post Killer whales are rammin

05-28-2023 01:32:09 UTC

While Illegals Have the Welcome Mat Extended, NYC Homeless Task Force to Help Americans a Total Failure

  While American citizens are suffering under the disastrous Biden administration’s porous border policy, illegals continue to receive bet

05-28-2023 01:30:33 UTC

PART 22: LIES OF MEN AND GODS—Syncretism Dressed as Pluralism: A Cult Gateway

A syncretistic agenda is boiling up behind the scenes like a witch’s brew—only this time, the witch isn’t a green-skinned, wart-covered, cacklin

05-28-2023 01:20:29 UTC

Iowa Governor Signs Bills Restricting Sexual Books, Teaching ‘Gender Identity’ and Sexual Orientation in Elementary Schools

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed bills that prohibit elementary school teachers from giving lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation. T

05-28-2023 01:15:11 UTC

Iowa law bans lessons on sexual topics aimed at young students, beefs up parental rights

lowa's Republican Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill Friday prohibiting lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation for children in kindergart

05-28-2023 01:15:00 UTC

Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at US Biolab in Ukraine

It wasn’t that long ago that Mitt Romney was threatening former Rep. The post Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with

05-28-2023 01:00:13 UTC

Why We Must Make Public Art Great Again

If we understand the close relationship between humanity and the art we produce, then shouldn’t we pay more attention to what kind of art we’re ex

05-28-2023 01:00:00 UTC

Lindsey Graham: Ukraine Aid is ‘The Best Money We’ve Ever Spent’

Last Updated on May 28, 2023 South Carolina US Senator and notorious GOP warmonger Lindsey Graham met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on F

05-28-2023 12:57:51 UTC

Crime-Ridden Los Angeles Reinstates Controversial Zero Bail Policy, Claiming Bail Infringes Constitutional Rights

The controversial zero bail policy in Los Angeles has been reinstated on the grounds that it violates the suspects’ constitutional rights. The

05-28-2023 12:45:15 UTC

‘We will find you’: US marshals locate 225 missing children in astonishing 10-week man hunt operation

United States Marshals were able to locate or recover an astonishing 225 missing children as part of a ten-week man [READ MORE] The post ‘We wil

05-28-2023 12:37:05 UTC

Youth Violent Crime Up in NYC, Blame Pointed at ‘Raise the Age’ Law

So far this year, authorities have arrested 276 youths under the age of 18 for felony domestic assault. Arrests are [READ MORE] The post Youth Violent

05-28-2023 12:35:35 UTC

At least three dead and multiple injured after ‘rolling shootouts’ between rival gangs at Memorial Day biker rally in New Mexico

At least three people are dead and five injured after ‘rolling shootouts’ erupted between two rival biker gangs in New [READ MORE] The pos

05-28-2023 12:34:34 UTC

Billions in Munitions: Zelensky Heaps Praise on Biden for Aiding Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky has heaped praise on Joe Biden over his continued support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia. [READ MORE] The post B

05-28-2023 12:33:04 UTC

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker Deploys Yellow-Vested ‘Peacekeepers’ to Chicago to Handle Memorial Day Weekend Crime

Illinois Governor J.B. The post Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker Deploys Yellow-Vested ‘Peacekeepers’ to Chicago to Handle Memorial Day We

05-28-2023 12:30:06 UTC

Jane Fonda Blames Men for Climate Change: ‘We Have to Arrest and Jail Those Men’

Hollywood star Jane Fonda made the outrageous claim Friday that climate change is being caused exclusively by men, specifically white [READ MORE] The

05-28-2023 12:28:46 UTC

My Socialist Hell: How Venezuela Uses Hunger to Control a Starving Population

For the past 24 years (and counting) of socialist revolution, the ruling regime has used basic needs – housing, food, [READ MORE] The post My Social

05-28-2023 12:25:08 UTC

Teens Rob High-End Clothing Store in Lower Manhattan, Stealing $10,000 Worth of Merchandise

A group of six teenagers stormed into a high-end clothing store in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday, escaping with over $10,700 worth of merchandise. The

05-28-2023 12:15:29 UTC

Testosterone levels ‘plummeting’ in young men due to porn consumption as link to social isolation shows ‘real problem’

FROM London to Los Angeles, an increasing number of young men are retreating from society, isolating themselves for extended periods. [READ MORE] The

05-28-2023 12:06:00 UTC

Why Is the US Tipping Off Russia on the Ukrainian Spring Offensive?

Is Ukraine Babe Ruth, Billy Jack or Geraldo Rivera in Al Capone’s Vault? The post Why Is the US Tipping Off Russia on the Ukrainian Spring Offensiv

05-28-2023 12:00:12 UTC

At least 3 dead, 5 injured in shooting at Memorial Day weekend motorcycle rally in New Mexico

Three people have died and five more were injured in a shooting at a annual Memorial Day weekend motorcycle rally Saturday afternoon, WRAL reported.

05-28-2023 12:00:00 UTC

White House and Republicans Each Release Debt Ceiling Talking Points to Sell Deal

Copies of talking points by the respective sides on the debt ceiling “agreement in principle” reached Saturday night between Joe Biden an

05-28-2023 04:49:59 UTC

Florida couple charged with manslaughter after 3-year-old died while 'rotting in the bed,' sheriff: 'I have never, ever seen anything as sad, as bone-chilling, and as sickening'

A Florida couple have been charged with manslaughter after a 3-year-old with severe injuries died earlier in the month, according to police. Takesha

05-28-2023 03:25:03 UTC

Tulsi Gabbard Calls the Democrats ‘An Elitist Cabal of Warmongers’ (VIDEO)

Former Democrat Rep. The post Tulsi Gabbard Calls the Democrats ‘An Elitist Cabal of Warmongers’ (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pu

05-28-2023 03:20:01 UTC

Update: 3 People Dead, 5 Injured in Shootout at Memorial Day Biker Rally in New Mexico

Update: 3 people are dead and 5 others are injured in the shootout. The post Update: 3 People Dead, 5 Injured in Shootout at Memorial Day Biker Rally

05-28-2023 03:00:35 UTC

State Farm Will No Longer Accept New Applications for California Property Insurance Due to Wildfires, Inflation, Historic Construction Costs

State Farm will no longer accept new applications in California for property insurance due to wildfires, inflation and historic construction costs. T

05-28-2023 02:45:54 UTC

Biden Statement on Debt Ceiling Deal: “Protects My and Congressional Democrats’ Key Priorities and Legislative Accomplishments”

The White House released a statement Saturday night on the “agreement in principle” reached with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-C

05-28-2023 02:30:19 UTC

Perverse Spirits are taking up a stronghold in America

(OPINION) Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you have probably noticed how fast our culture is deteriorating and becoming somethi

05-28-2023 02:29:02 UTC

REPORT: Tech Sector Layoffs Are Hitting People Hired to Fight ‘Misinformation’ and ‘Hate Speech’

During COVID, tech companies and social media outlets went on a hiring spree, appointing people to police so-called hate speech and misinformation. T

05-28-2023 02:15:11 UTC

McCarthy and Biden Reach “Agreement in Principle” on Debt Ceiling

Just before 9 p.m. The post McCarthy and Biden Reach “Agreement in Principle” on Debt Ceiling appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

05-28-2023 02:00:13 UTC

Seattle Struggles to Hire More Police Officers as 911 Response Times Increase

The city of Seattle is struggling to hire new police officers, which is bad news for the people who live there. The post Seattle Struggles to Hire Mo

05-28-2023 01:40:46 UTC

FBI Vault Releases 408-Page Report On San Bernardino Shooting, Reveals ID Scanner for Door Was Tampered With Before Shooting, Witness Claimed There Were Possibly Three Attackers

On May 12th, the FBI quietly released a 408-page report containing details of the 2015 San Bernardino shooting that occurred at the Inland Regional C

05-28-2023 01:20:38 UTC

Another San Francisco Retailer Closes-Old Navy to Shut Down Flagship Location After Almost 30 Years

Yet another retailer is  fleeing a Democrat-controlled city.  Old Navy’s flagship store on Market Street in downtown San Francisco will close

05-28-2023 01:00:51 UTC

White House, Republicans strike a deal to raise the debt ceiling and avoid default

The White House and Republicans have reached an agreement in principle to raise the debt ceiling and avert a default, according to multiple reports.

05-28-2023 12:47:20 UTC

US Marshals locate 225 missing children, including sex trafficking victims, across the nation in 'Operation We Will Find You'

The U.S. Marshals Service located 225 missing children across the nation and beyond during a 10-week operation. The mission dubbed "Operation We Will

05-28-2023 12:45:00 UTC

Lululemon Employees Say They Were Fired For Calling 911 on Looters Ransacking Store (VIDEO)

Metro Atlanta Lululemon employees claim they were fired for calling the police on looters ransacking the store. The post Lululemon Employees Say They

05-28-2023 12:40:35 UTC

High School in Texas Postpones Graduation-85% of Class Fails to Earn Diploma

Marlin High School, near Waco, Texas, was forced to postpone its graduation ceremony after 85% of the senior class failed to earn their diplomas. The

05-28-2023 12:20:07 UTC

EXCLUSIVE: Stewart Rhodes’ Attorneys Speak to Gateway Pundit Following Friday’s Sentencing – Have EXTREME CONCERN on How Government will Use “Seditious Conspiracy” Charges Moving Forward Against the American People – AUDIO

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was sentenced on Thursday in Washington DC. The post EXCLUSIVE: Stewart Rhodes’ Attorneys Speak to Gateway

05-28-2023 12:00:35 UTC

Migrants Allowed to Enroll in Chicago Schools Without Health Records After Years of Draconian COVID Rules- Parents Furious

  Parents in Chicago are outraged over the lax rules surrounding health records and vaccine status for illegal students flooding area schools. T

05-27-2023 11:20:24 UTC

To Defeat the Globalists, You Must Understand This Is a Spiritual War

The true cause of all the rot the globalists' create is evil. Pure and simple. And evil is a spiritual force. ... The post To Defeat the Globalists, Y

05-27-2023 11:07:07 UTC

Teen Dies After Medical Emergency During Swim Meet – She Was Just Days from a Big Accomplishment

A 17-year-old from Hawaii died suddenly after suffering a medical emergency during a swim meet May 13. The post Teen Dies After Medical Emergency Dur

05-27-2023 10:55:32 UTC

Diversity’s Blessings: Rival Somali Factions Riot, Ending Minneapolis City Council Convention

When hearing about rival Somali political factions rioting, one might assume the event occurred in Somalia, where political violence is the norm. But

05-27-2023 10:30:01 UTC

GOP-controlled Texas House votes to impeach Trump ally Ken Paxton 121-23

The GOP-controlled Texas House voted 121-23 to adopt 20 articles of impeachment against Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton Saturday afternoon."I

05-27-2023 10:22:48 UTC

AG Paxton Responds to “Illegal, Unfounded, and Unethical Impeachment” – Texas Activists Vow to Remove RINOs from Office

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has expressed his gratitude for the support he has received from millions of Texans after Texas RINOs voted to impe

05-27-2023 10:22:18 UTC

Ep. 3079b - [DS] Lost Control Of The People, Trump Pivots And Fires A Shot, Optics Are Important

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05-27-2023 09:58:58 UTC

BREAKING: Texas RINOs and Democrats Vote to Impeach Highly Popular Attorney General Ken Paxton on Holiday Weekend – Here is the Vote Sheet

The Republican-led Texas House on Saturday impeached highly popular Attorney General Ken Paxton. The post BREAKING: Texas RINOs and Democrats Vote to

05-27-2023 09:56:20 UTC

Indiana funeral director pleaded guilty to theft of 48 decomposing corpses and cremated bodies, allegedly lied to families about cremains

An Indiana funeral director pleaded guilty to the theft of 48 decomposing corpses and cremated remains. The funeral director is also accused of lying

05-27-2023 09:51:28 UTC

Attorney General Paxton Secures $5.7 Billion Settlement with Walgreens for their Involvement in the Opioid Epidemic, Texas to Receive $340 Million

Attorney General Ken Paxton announced a landmark $5.7 billion settlement with Walgreens, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States, for

05-27-2023 09:34:56 UTC

Ep. 3079a - Banks Need Explanation For Cash Withdrawals, Trump Sends Message, Provides Solutions

Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Disclaimer -(there's always a risk of investment and there's

05-27-2023 09:34:18 UTC

Why do we observe Memorial Day? The somber true meaning behind the national holiday

USA TODAY No, Memorial Day isn’t about a long weekend road trip, backyard barbecue or sales. The real meaning of [READ MORE] The post Why do we

05-27-2023 09:16:07 UTC

JUST-IN: Judge Denies Defendants’ Sanctions Against Kari Lake – Lake to Appeal Dismissed Lawsuit!

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled yesterday on sanctions and attorneys’ fees requested by Defendants in her election lawsu

05-27-2023 09:04:04 UTC

Passive Man, Wicked Woman

"...passive men are more common than abusive men. Far more common. It is like a plague in our society today."

05-27-2023 08:57:30 UTC

Obama-Linked GLSEN Organization Was Handing Out ‘Fisting Kits’ to Children at Public Conference – Now Target Is Partnering with GLSEN in Promoting Gender Transition in Schools

Retail giant Target has partnered with GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), a group that advocates policies that keep parents unawar

05-27-2023 08:35:16 UTC

GOP-Held Texas House Votes to Impeach AG Ken Paxton

Newsmax Texas’ GOP-led House of Representatives impeached state Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday on articles including bribery and abuse

05-27-2023 08:23:00 UTC

Kamala Harris Delivers West Point Commencement Address, Warns Cadets The “Climate Crisis” is one of the “Biggest Challenges the Military will Face” (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris on Saturday delivered a commencement address at West Point because Joe Biden is too feeble to be outside for hours with the cadets. The

05-27-2023 08:13:53 UTC

“This Is a Very Unfair Process That Should Not Be Allowed to Happen or Proceed – I WILL FIGHT YOU IF IT DOES” – Trump Warns Texas RINOs on Impeaching AG Ken Paxton

Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. The post “This

05-27-2023 07:44:47 UTC

Epstein Trafficking Ring: JPMorgan Chase’s Defense Motion Reveals Shocking Virgin Island Officials’ Involvement in the Pedophile’s Criminal Activities – Former USVI First Lady Was a Paid Epstein Employee!

A string of interconnected civil suits has been raging in New York Federal Court, pitting Epstein trafficking victims against JPMorgan Chase and Deut

05-27-2023 07:21:03 UTC

Watch: Biden Gets Number of Granddaughters Wrong – He’s Off by 20% and Doesn’t Even Realize It

In yet another worrying gaffe from President Joe Biden, the 80-year-old White House resident appeared to forget how many granddaughters he actually h

05-27-2023 07:00:14 UTC

HAPPENING NOW: Impeachment Proceedings Against Highly Popular Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Begin (LIVE FEED)

The Republican-led Texas House on Saturday will vote on a resolution to impeach highly popular Attorney General Ken Paxton. The post HAPPENING NOW: I

05-27-2023 06:20:18 UTC

LIKE A DICTATOR: Brazilian Socialist President Lula da Silva Wants to Control Civilian Firearms

Brazil’s elected left-wing president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, wants to control the firearms of the population. The post LIKE A DICTATOR: Br

05-27-2023 05:43:27 UTC

“I Don’t Bow to Anybody!” – Joe Biden After Reporter Needles Him on Democrat Criticism of His Willingness to Cave to McCarthy on Work Requirements (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Friday stopped to chat with reporters posted up on the South Lawn as he departed en route to Camp David for the weekend. The post “

05-27-2023 05:17:19 UTC

Utah Target Evacuated After Reports of Trans Extremists Threatening to Bomb Multiple Target Locations for Removing Satanic Groomer Products

On Friday afternoon, a bomb threat to multiple locations prompted the evacuation of a Target store in Utah. The post Utah Target Evacuated After Repo

05-27-2023 04:51:10 UTC

“It’s an Illegal Impeachment” – Attorney General Ken Paxton Goes Off on Texas RINO Movement Behind Coordinated Effort to Remove Him from Office – VOTE IS TODAY (VIDEO)

Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. The post “It

05-27-2023 04:15:03 UTC

Two Transgender (Bio Males) High School Athletes WITHDRAW From Girl’s State Track and Field Championships Following Protests and Backlash

Two transgender (biological males) high school track runners withdrew from the State Track and Field Championships on Friday following major backlash

05-27-2023 03:58:52 UTC

WATCH: Italian Police Deliver Beatdown to Transgender After He Attacked Them and Allegedly Exposed Himself to Children

Milan, Italy – Recorded video this week caught Italian police smacking around a “transgender female” (biological male) while he was

05-27-2023 03:20:27 UTC

Global Warming: Cold Front Wreacks Havoc on Memorial Day Weekend

Last Updated on May 27, 2023 A nationwide cold front has overtaken virtually the entire continental United States this Memorial Day weekend, leaving r

05-27-2023 03:17:44 UTC

New York City Mayor Makes Obesity A Protected Class

This new legislation is the latest example of public policy following popular culture.

05-27-2023 02:20:29 UTC

Rogan O’Handley-Trump Tweeted The Mechanism To Spring The Insurrection Act,Military Is The Only Way

Record Night Vision in 4k w/ These Binoculars!! Click Here --> Get Up To 60% OFF Clicking The Link Above^^^ Today’s

05-27-2023 01:54:58 UTC

Lindsey Graham Travels to Kiev to Promise Whatever the GOP Candidates Say the Uniparty Congress Will Keep Feeding Ukraine Weapons

The Uniparty will not bend. The post Lindsey Graham Travels to Kiev to Promise Whatever the GOP Candidates Say the Uniparty Congress Will Keep Feedin

05-27-2023 01:40:57 UTC

These 4 companies are facing backlash for pushing transgenderism, and LGBT ideology

(OPINION) From men wearing women’s swimsuits to LGBT-themed products targeted at children, multiple corporations, including Target and Starbucks, ha

05-27-2023 01:38:15 UTC

(WATCH) A ‘UFO’ was spotted hovering above the largest Marine base in the US

A possible UFO with flashing lights was filmed flying over a U.S. Marine base in California in 2021 and mystified witnesses, but the government claims

05-27-2023 01:21:50 UTC

Biden’s Coalition Cracks, Top Democrats Beginning to Doubt White House

As negotiations over raising the nation’s debt limit drag on, House Democrats are becoming worried that President Joe Biden could produce a deal th

05-27-2023 01:20:14 UTC

NOT AGAIN! China facing new Covid wave that could peak with 65 million cases a week

China is bracing for a new wave of Covid infections that could see as many as 65 million cases per week by the time the surge peaks at the end of June

05-27-2023 01:09:51 UTC

Father of three beaten to death in front of home after incident at child’s school

A Maryland father of three is dead after a fight at his child’s school came to his front door. The man, identified by the Anne Arundel Police De

05-27-2023 01:05:47 UTC

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Calls on Joe Biden to Honor His 1992 Vote and Release the John F. Kennedy Assassination Documents

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. The post Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Calls on Joe Biden to Honor H

05-27-2023 01:00:45 UTC

“You’re a Piece of Sh*t!” – AOC’s Town Hall Meeting Descends into Chaos as New Yorkers Express Frustration with Democrat Policies (VIDEO)

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a town hall meeting on Friday night in the Corona neighborhood of Queens. The post “You’re a Pie

05-27-2023 12:45:50 UTC

Woke NYC Officials Freeze Deposits at Capital One and KeyBank Over Failure to Submit Plans to Combat ‘Discrimination’

On Thursday, the New York City Banking Commission, which consists of Comptroller Brad Lander, Mayor Adams, and Commissioner Preston Niblack of the De

05-27-2023 12:30:47 UTC

Catholic Advocacy Group Launches $1 Million Campaign to Boycott LA Dodgers in Response to Honor Blasphemous Anti-Catholic Trans Nuns

In a powerful display of solidarity, one of the largest Catholic organizations CatholicVote has raised $1 million to launch a campaign to boycott the

05-27-2023 12:15:25 UTC

Ukraine Claim of Attack on Russian Ship, the Ivan Khurs, Debunked

Let’s give the Ukrainian Government of Volodomyr Zelensky credit for one thing — they are world class liars. The post Ukraine Claim of Attack on

05-27-2023 12:00:44 UTC

OCCASIONAL-CORTEX shouted down during chaotic NYC town hall: ‘You’re a piece of s–t!’

A Queens town hall hosted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Friday descended into chaos, with some of her constituents calling [READ MORE] The post

05-27-2023 11:52:59 UTC

Homeless Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Florida Sgt. Michael Kunovich

A homeless illegal alien teenager is accused of killing St. Johns County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Michael Kunovich, a 52-year-old [READ MORE]

05-27-2023 11:47:16 UTC

Are the Anti-Trump GOP Forces Starting to Implode?

Will this go down as the week that the grand plan to deny Donald Trump the nomination fell apart? For [READ MORE] The post Are the Anti-Trump GOP Forc

05-27-2023 11:46:14 UTC

‘Genderfluid’ Former Biden Official Sam Brinton Led Anti-Catholic ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ Group

“Non-binary” former Biden administration official Sam Brinton led the Washington, DC, chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a radical [R

05-27-2023 11:44:33 UTC

New York Mayor Eric Adams Signs Bill Making Discriminating Against Fat People Illegal

Eric Adams, the Democrat mayor of New York City, has made discriminating against someone due to how fat they are [READ MORE] The post New York Mayor E

05-27-2023 11:43:05 UTC

Study: Refined Carbs Might Be Making You Dumb

The French research is far from the only recent study to find a significant relationship between diet and brain health.

05-27-2023 11:25:00 UTC

MASSIVE cognitive damage caused by VACCINES

MASSIVE cognitive damage caused by VACCINES For more updates, visit: NaturalNews videos would not be possi

05-27-2023 09:52:38 UTC

Insurance giant State Farm to stop insuring new homes in California, citing catastrophic wildfires and rapidly rising inflation costs that have put polices at a premium

America’s biggest home insurance company has announced it will no longer insure houses in California, saying that the risk from [READ MORE] The

05-27-2023 09:48:00 UTC

Passenger who opened Asiana plane door in mid-air tells police he was “uncomfortable”: report

A passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight told police he opened a door on the plane minutes before it landed [READ MORE] The post Passenger who opened

05-27-2023 09:47:00 UTC

Memorial Day weekend message: PROTECT the 2A!

Memorial Day weekend message: PROTECT the 2A! For more updates, visit: NaturalNews videos would not be pos

05-27-2023 09:33:41 UTC

Is THIS why so many young people are getting colorectal cancer? A fungus could be to blame

Doctors may have moved one step closer to revealing why colorectal cancer cases are surging among younger adults. A mysterious [READ MORE] The post Is

05-27-2023 07:53:00 UTC

SHOTS FIRED – WILD BRAWL Breaks Out on North Avenue Beach in Chicago on First Day Beaches Are Open for the Season – Video

A wild brawl broke out and shots were fired on North Avenue Beach today in Chicago. The post SHOTS FIRED – WILD BRAWL Breaks Out on North Avenu

05-27-2023 03:32:42 UTC

UPDATED: After Speaking with The Gateway Pundit this Afternoon – Feds Move In and Transfer Political Prisoner Stewart Rhodes from DC Gulag to SHUT HIM UP – PHONE CALL AUDIO INCLUDED …UPDATE from Attorney

BREAKING — The feds moved in tonight and moved Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes to a facility where he will not have access to the phone or

05-27-2023 02:24:40 UTC

NFL Quarterback’s Car Stolen In Democrat Controlled City With Playbook Inside

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett had his 2023 Genesis SUV stolen from him while he was doing a radio interview in the Democrat-controlle

05-27-2023 02:20:08 UTC

Target has lost $9 Billion in seven days following firestorm over LGBTQ-Pride products

Retail giant Target began advertising gay pride products in early May including items for transgender women. Following intense pushback and billions o

05-27-2023 01:15:47 UTC

Hundreds travel to Missouri to see nun’s body that shows no signs of decay years after death

Hundreds of people have traveled to the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles Monastery, in rural Missouri to view a nun’s body which appears to s

05-27-2023 12:57:50 UTC

Leaked Audio Exposes DeSantis Campaign Strategy on Abortion (AUDIO)

A leaked audio clip from the secret DeSantis donor strategy meeting held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami on Thursday has surfaced, shedding light

05-27-2023 12:42:55 UTC

Black Woman Who Was Fired From Equinox Gym After Being Late 47 Times in 10 Months, Sues For Discrimination – Jury Awards Her $11.3 Million

A black woman who was fired as a personal trainer from an Equinox fitness center for allegedly being late 47 times in 10 months, sued for discriminat

05-27-2023 12:18:13 UTC

(NEW PODCAST) There is coming a final separation of wheat and tares

(OPINION) In today’s podcast, we discuss the Bible makes a distinction between good trees and bad trees, from what and tares, and how one will b

05-27-2023 12:00:17 UTC

(WATCH) North Face introduces drag queen ad inviting customers to ‘come out’ for ‘Summer of Pride’

A new gay pride ad from outdoor apparel company The North Face featuring a drag queen has outraged some conservative consumers. “Hi, it’s me,

05-26-2023 11:32:34 UTC

Ticks and mosquitoes spreading diseases across the U.S.

Diseases are riding ticks and mosquitoes to new pastures. Lyme disease and West Nile virus are among the ailments that ticks and mosquitoes are spread

05-26-2023 11:24:00 UTC

Los Angeles Dodgers Attempt to Pander to Christians After Inviting Anti-Catholic Trans Nuns to Pride Night – Fans Respond

The Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday Earlier this week the Dodgers apologized to and re-invited anti-Catholic ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ tran

05-26-2023 11:19:58 UTC

Report: Russia Promising Cubans ‘Express’ Citizenship if They Fight in Ukraine

Breitbart A group of at least 14 Cuban citizens reportedly signed contracts to enlist in Russia’s armed forces and fight [READ MORE] The post Report

05-26-2023 10:45:22 UTC

WATCH: Texas AG Ken Paxton Holds Press Conference in Response to House RINOs’ “Deceitful Impeachment Attempt” – He Was Railroaded – Urges Supporters to “Petition Your Government” TOMORROW AT 1 PM

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton spoke in a press conference Friday to respond to Texas House RINOs’ “illegal impeachment scheme”

05-26-2023 10:40:33 UTC

Beatrix Potter Accused of Stealing ‘Peter Rabbit’ Stories from ‘Enslaved Africans Working on American Plantations’

Breitbart The late British author Beatrix Potter is being accused of stealing the stories for her Peter Rabbit books from [READ MORE] The post Beatrix

05-26-2023 10:30:00 UTC

Biden Admin’s $40m ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Program Targets Breitbart News, Conservatives

Documents uncovered by the Media Research Center (MRC) revealed the Biden Administration used a $40 million grant program of the [READ MORE] The post

05-26-2023 10:20:00 UTC

Dr. Jill Praises “How Far Women’s Sports Have Come” as Biological Males Claiming to be ‘Transgender’ Crush Female Athletes (VIDEO)

This is unbelievable gaslighting. The post Dr. Jill Praises “How Far Women’s Sports Have Come” as Biological Males Claiming to be &

05-26-2023 10:19:30 UTC

Ep. 3078b - [DS] Begins The Communication Blackout Narrative, Durham Is Not The Only Game In Town

Prepare Today Take $200 OFF 3-MONTH KIT   The [DS] has lost the information war, they are trying to get it back but the

05-26-2023 10:04:21 UTC

Gateway Pundit Exclusive: Stewart Rhodes Responds to Insensitive Comments by Matt Gaetz in First Interview Since Sentencing – “Everything I Did was Honorable – He Needs to Fix That” – AUDIO

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was sentenced on Thursday to 18 years in prison. The post Gateway Pundit Exclusive: Stewart Rhodes Responds to In

05-26-2023 09:58:38 UTC

We Make Men Without Chests and Expect of Them Virtue and Enterprise

"We remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked

05-26-2023 09:43:22 UTC

David Martin Exposes Timeline of Biggest Democide in Recorded History

05-26-2023 09:35:38 UTC

Ep. 3078a - Green New Deal Conspiracy No More, D’s Begin To Fold

Hit your weight management goals faster with this #1 keto supplement --> Click Above ^ To Get Up To 51% OFF !!!      Consp

05-26-2023 09:34:31 UTC

Janet Yellen Gives New June 5 Deadline on Debt Ceiling–Gives Cover to Biden for Holiday Weekend Vacation

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent a letter Friday afternoon to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that extends the debt ceiling deadline f

05-26-2023 09:16:14 UTC

The Unpunished St. Junipero Vandals Are America’s Communist ‘Blue Guards’

The left's cultural revolution continues unabated as the St. Junipero vandals receive excessive leniency from Democrat prosecutors.

05-26-2023 09:13:46 UTC

ANOTHER Katie Hobbs Staffer Resigns From Her Trainwreck Administration, Becomes FOURTH Staff Member to Resign Since January

Katie Hobbs Chief of Staff, Allie Bones, has resigned from her role with the Governor’s office, making her the fourth staffer to quit in recent

05-26-2023 08:39:03 UTC

JUST IN: Texas House Announces It will Vote on Resolution to Impeach Highly Popular Attorney General Ken Paxton Tomorrow at 1 PM

The Texas House on Friday announced it will vote on a resolution to impeach highly popular Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday, May 27 at 1 pm lo

05-26-2023 08:14:32 UTC

Officer Bryant Williams Identified as DC Cop Who Pushed Trump Supporter Derrick Vargo Off 2-3 Story Ledge on Jan. 6 in What Appears to Be Attempted Murder

Four Trump supporters were killed on January 6, 2021, by police action. The post Officer Bryant Williams Identified as DC Cop Who Pushed Trump Suppor

05-26-2023 07:40:18 UTC

Support a healthy immune system with vitamin C

Groovy Bee® Non-GMO Vitamin C 60 caps (600mg each) are manufactured in the United Kingdom following exhaustive standards for purity and safety. It is

05-26-2023 07:32:28 UTC

Dr. McCullough: “Troubling” New Study About The Spike Protein’s Impact On Men’s Health

(Note: Thank you for supporting businesses like the one presenting a sponsored message below and ordering through the links below, which benefits Gat

05-26-2023 07:20:32 UTC

Someone Appears to Faint During Joe Biden’s Speech to Louisiana State University Tigers Women’s Basketball Team (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Friday hosted a ceremony for the Louisiana State University Tigers Women’s Basketball team to celebrate their 2022-2023 NCAA Champ

05-26-2023 07:01:16 UTC

Horrifying Video Shows Passengers on South Korean Flight in “Panic” After Lunatic Opens Door While Plane is in the Air (VIDEO)

A crazed passenger on aboard a South Korean flight on Friday sparked a horrifying scene of chaos after opening an emergency door before the plane lan

05-26-2023 06:30:25 UTC

WAYNE ROOT: If Billion Dollar Brands Want to Commit Suicide, Let’s Help Them! Move Over Disney and Bud Light. Here’s the New #1 Target.

By Wayne Allyn Root This is what Obama would call a “TEACHABLE MOMENT.” It’s time to teach woke corporate America a lesson they’ll never forg

05-26-2023 06:15:56 UTC

Report: Leak of Tucker Carlson Videos Tied to Hack of Fox News, FBI Search of Florida Democrat and Progressive Journalist’s Home

A search this month by the FBI of the Florida home of Democrat Tampa City Council member Lynn Hurtak and her progressive journalist husband Timothy B

05-26-2023 06:00:03 UTC

SHOCKING UPDATE: Target Partners with Controversial Education Group, GLSEN, Promoting Gender Transition in Schools Without Parental Consent

Retail giant Target has partnered with GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), a group that advocates policies that keep parents unawar

05-26-2023 05:45:36 UTC

WTH? Rep. Matt Gaetz Tells Conservative Twitter Space, “I Wasn’t Particularly Aggrieved” After Stewart Rhodes Gets 18 Year Prison Sentence for Standing Outside US Capitol on Jan 6, Committing No Violence (VIDEO)

Conservatives were taken back on Thursday night after Rep. The post WTH? Rep. Matt Gaetz Tells Conservative Twitter Space, “I Wasn’t Part

05-26-2023 05:30:38 UTC

Celine Dion Cancels ALL Concerts Due to Worsening Neurological Disorder “Stiff Person Syndrome”

In December Canadian singer, songwriter Celine Dion, 54, revealed that she has a rare and incurable neurological disease. The post Celine Dion Cancel

05-26-2023 05:15:48 UTC

High-Ranking DeSantis Advisor Christina Pushaw Argues with 16 Year Old on Twitter

In another embarrassing moment for Ron DeSantis and his 2024 campaign, Christina Pushaw, who is arguably the highest-ranking advisor on Team DeSantis,

05-26-2023 05:10:39 UTC

Florida Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty For ‘Demonic’ MS-13 Gang Member Who Decapitated Uber Eats Driver

Oscar Adrian Solis, 30 and Randall Cooke, 59. The post Florida Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty For ‘Demonic’ MS-13 Gang Member Who Decapit

05-26-2023 05:00:28 UTC

Legendary Singer Tina Turner’s Cause of Death Revealed

Cristina Laila reported Wednesday that iconic singer Tina Turner passed away at the age of 83. The post Legendary Singer Tina Turner’s Cause of

05-26-2023 04:45:58 UTC

EU Parliament COVID-19 Summit: “Covid-19 was an Act of Biological Warfare Perpetrated on the Human Race. It was a Financial Heist. Nature was Hijacked. Science was Hijacked” (VIDEO)

The EU Parliament held the International COVID-19 Summit III in Brussels, Belgium earlier this month. The post EU Parliament COVID-19 Summit: “

05-26-2023 04:30:42 UTC

Ratings DeSaster? DeSantis Fox Interview to Kickoff Campaign Drew Less Than Two Million Viewers, Less Than 200K in Key Demo–Compared to Trump’s Over Three Million and 780K in Key Demo for CNN Town Hall

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) kicked off his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination against President Trump with appearances on Twit

05-26-2023 04:15:30 UTC

Unjabbed Ukrainian Teenager Duke University Refused Transplant Gets Her New Kidney

Last Updated on May 26, 2023 An unjabbed Ukrainian teenager who was refused a kidney transplant by Duke University’s medical system over her COV

05-26-2023 04:02:59 UTC

Texas Coffee Shop Known For ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Events, Handing Out Plan B Like Candy Closes Doors After Backlash

The overwhelmingly conservative West Texas community did not take kindly to the coffeehouse misrepresenting the values of its citizens.

05-26-2023 04:01:52 UTC

Oversight Chair Comer Will Initiate Contempt of Congress Proceedings if Dirty Chris Wray and FBI Do Not Turn Over Incriminating Biden Document in 4 Days

Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and the House Oversight Committee announced on Thursday they will launch Contempt of Congress proceedings if Chris Wray a

05-26-2023 04:00:13 UTC

Hollywood Gun Guidelines Released With Recommendations to Manipulate Audiences

  The Norman Lear Center at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism has issued new guidelines for   the use of guns in Ho

05-26-2023 03:40:14 UTC

Video Dispatch - 26 May 2023

27 Video

05-26-2023 03:32:01 UTC

Biden DHS Funded Program That Highlighted Video Conflating Conservatives And Nazis In Its Grant Application: Report

In its grant application, the university included footage from a conference in which a researcher presented a 'Pyramid of Far-Right Radicalization' ch

05-26-2023 03:23:40 UTC

Migrant Interviews Debunk Biden DHS’s False Talking Point About Cartel ‘Disinformation’ 

Most immigrants do not spend fortunes on risky journeys based on disinformation from criminal strangers.

05-26-2023 03:22:46 UTC

Hillary Clinton Claims to Know More About Putin Than The CIA

Hillary Clinton recently sat down at the FT Weekend Festival and claimed she knew more about Putin than the CIA. The post Hillary Clinton Claims to K

05-26-2023 03:20:02 UTC

Attorney Todd Callender reveals Biden officials are IMPOSTORS who swore no oaths to America

Attorney Todd Callender reveals Biden officials are IMPOSTORS who swore no oaths to America To learn more, visit: To learn m

05-26-2023 03:16:51 UTC

EXCLUSIVE: Target Sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour for Kids in Upstate New York

Last Updated on May 26, 2023 National File can exclusively reveal that retail giant Target is sponsoring an upcoming drag queen story hour in Batavia,

05-26-2023 03:16:07 UTC

BBN, May 26, 2023 - MISSING OATHS: Biden officials swear no allegiance to the United States...

Brighteon Broadcast News, May 26, 2023 - MISSING OATHS: Biden officials swear no allegiance to the United States (feat. Todd Callender) 0:00 Intro 1:

05-26-2023 03:13:05 UTC

“Never Watch that Again”- Award-Winning Actor Reveals the “Disturbing” Demonic Event He Witnessed in Hollywood as a Child (VIDEO)

The rampant debauchery in Hollywood is no secret to Americans, especially conservatives. The post “Never Watch that Again”- Award-Winning

05-26-2023 03:05:32 UTC

Parent survey results: vaccines increase the risk of autism, autoimmune disorders, etc.

Here's a first look at the results of my parent survey of 10,000 kids. It shows that the vaccines are pretty much a disaster. Birth defects were the c

05-26-2023 02:58:48 UTC

Paul warned that many in the Church would deny this

(OPINION) Did you know that one of the major signs that we are truly in the last days is when we begin to see many in the Body of Christ that claim to

05-26-2023 02:56:44 UTC

Moment Christopher Wright body-slammed, beaten to death while protecting son caught on chilling video

Chilling video caught the moment protective Maryland dad Christopher Wright was brutally body-slammed and beaten to death in front of [READ MORE] The

05-26-2023 02:40:00 UTC

Chinese Caught Red-Handed Stripping Allied WWII Grave for Scrap

A Chinese salvage ship has been caught looting British World War II shipwrecks near the Malaysian coast. The post Chinese Caught Red-Handed Stripping

05-26-2023 02:30:16 UTC

Special Counsel John Durham Will Testify Before Congress on June 21 on the Greatest Political Scandal in US History – Obama and Hillary’s Trump-Russia Hoax

Special Counsel John Durham released his final report earlier this month in his investigation on the launch of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax by top

05-26-2023 02:16:25 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 26 May 2023

God Bless Stewart Rhodes

05-26-2023 02:14:41 UTC

3 Years Ago Today: BLM, Antifa Kicked Off George Floyd Riots

Last Updated on May 26, 2023 Three years ago today on May 26th, 2020, openly-communist Black Lives Matter and their Antifa allies kicked off their rei

05-26-2023 02:13:43 UTC

Superstar Boxer Ryan Garcia Takes BOLD Stand Against Target’s Demonic Clothing Line

  Guest post by Victor Nieves It seems like everyday we hear about another woke actor or athlete spewing the garbage of the liberal agenda. The

05-26-2023 02:00:23 UTC

Inflation Rises Unexpectedly in April – Jumps 0.4% in April and 4.7% from a Year Ago

Inflation bounced higher in April up 4.7% from a year ago. The post Inflation Rises Unexpectedly in April – Jumps 0.4% in April and 4.7% from a

05-26-2023 01:45:30 UTC

Target partners with organization pushing for kids’ genders to be secretly changed in schools without parental consent

Target Corporation is partnering with a K-12 education group for which focuses on getting districts to adopt policies that will keep parents in the da

05-26-2023 01:40:17 UTC

(WATCH) Ron DeSantis tells Christians to ‘put on the full Armor of God;’ vows to protect families, and children

(OPINION) Shortly before announcing his presidential campaign Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis outlined his views on faith, family, and the educat

05-26-2023 01:26:42 UTC

The FDA approves Elon Musk putting a computer in a human’s brain

Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface company Neuralink says it has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to launch its first-in-human

05-26-2023 01:19:20 UTC

Bud Light Sponsoring Several Pride Events — Despite Anheuser-Busch Market Value Dropping $15.7 Billion Over Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco

Bud Light is doubling down and sponsoring Pride parades across the nation. The post Bud Light Sponsoring Several Pride Events — Despite Anheuser-Bu

05-26-2023 01:15:08 UTC


The post NEWSPEAK ACCORDING TO THE RADICAL LEFT appeared first on The Savage Nation.

05-26-2023 01:01:42 UTC

It’s Official! The Gateway Pundit Now Has More Daily Page Views than FOX News Primetime Shows Have Nightly Viewers

Since FOX News fired Tucker Carlson one month ago their numbers have plunged into the abyss. The post It’s Official! The Gateway Pundit Now Has

05-26-2023 01:00:40 UTC

POWDER KEG EUROPE: Russian Official Predicts the END of Ukraine – Polish Military Ready to Intervene in Case of COUP in Belarus – Georgia Being Pressured Into Military Action Against Putin

The war in Ukraine is far from over, but a lot of activities prefacing the post-war realities are already playing out, showing an increasingly milita

05-26-2023 12:45:21 UTC

REVEALED: Rupert Murdoch Hosted Ron DeSantis at His California Ranch and Told Him FOX News Will Support Him

FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch hosted Governor Ron DeSantis at his California Ranch in Bel Air in 2020. The post REVEALED: Rupert Murdoch Hosted Ron D

05-26-2023 12:30:04 UTC

AP Called Out For Claim That Target Staff Were Subject To “Violent Confrontations” Over Trans/Pride Products

AP stealth edits article after making claim that conservatives were responsible for violence against store staff

05-26-2023 12:20:18 UTC

Is the United States Poking the Bear or Is Ukraine Going Rogue or Is it Both?

Yesterday three Western supplied drone boats attacked a Russian ship guarding the Turkstream pipeline. The post Is the United States Poking the Bear

05-26-2023 12:15:39 UTC

Every air passenger’s worst nightmare: Terrifying moment plane door OPENS in mid-air when traveller grabs emergency exit lever

In what would be anyone’s worst nightmare, a plane door opened in mid-air when a passenger grabbed the emergency exit [READ MORE] The post Every

05-26-2023 12:00:00 UTC

Legalization Of Polygamy Was Always The Logical Consequence Of Obergefell

If marriage is possible between any two individuals, then why not three, four, or any number of consenting adults, regardless of their sex?

05-26-2023 11:52:31 UTC

Nolte: AP Claims, Without Evidence, Target Boycotts Became ‘Violent’ — Then Stealth-Edits Story

The far-left Associated Press (AP) spread conspiracy theories about Target customers behaving violently, and after it was called out for [READ MORE] T

05-26-2023 11:45:00 UTC

Scott Atlas Heckled At College Commencement Ceremony For Dealing Harsh Truths About Covid

Atlas was booed as he encouraged the audience to save their country by committing themselves to the truth.

05-26-2023 11:35:02 UTC

Fox News Raids Tucker’s Studio – Seizes Equipment…Including Fake Walls | EP 3468-8AM

Tucker Carlson seen rebuilding satellite studio after Fox Raids & Seizes Studio Equipment Workers from Fox News swoope

05-26-2023 11:27:49 UTC

Khloe Kardashian Explains Everything Wrong With Self-Serving Surrogacy: ‘It’s Such A Transactional Experience’

As Khloe accurately noted, using a surrogate hurts children whose rights and needs get sidelined by adults’ desires since conception.

05-26-2023 11:21:01 UTC

Here’s What The IRS Whistleblower Will Tell Lawmakers About The Hunter Biden Probe Behind Closed Doors

Whistleblower Gary Shapley seems poised to name names on Friday in a House committee hearing on the IRS Hunter Biden probe. Here's what else he's expe

05-26-2023 11:07:44 UTC

Cycling Governing Body Bans Trans Competitors

UK National governing body will not let biological men compete in women's races

05-26-2023 11:05:56 UTC

Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side

In this war there are only two sides: the Tao and the Machine, God or Satan. You have to choose, but choose wisely.

05-26-2023 10:31:17 UTC

Obama Judge Sentences Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes to 18 Years in Prison in J6 ‘Sedition’ Case

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who came unarmed to DC and didn’t even enter the Capitol Building on January 6th, was sentenced to 18 years

05-26-2023 10:12:44 UTC

Backlash & Boycott-Calls Hit North Face After Ad Featuring Drag Queen Inviting Everyone To ‘Come Out’

A North Face advertisement featuring a drag queen in rainbow-themed outdoor sports gear has sparked backlash after going viral online. The popular out

05-26-2023 10:09:24 UTC

Lockdowns Likely Caused ‘More Harm Than Benefit’: New Study Suggests We Were Right, Yet Again

"Research revealed significant increases in mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, as well as spikes in domestic violence, drug overd

05-26-2023 07:34:53 UTC

Kirk Cameron Releases New Kind Of ‘Pride’ Book Just In Time For LGBT Narcissism Month

A different kind of 'pride' book is hitting shelves, and rather than fueling the narcissistic LGBT mania that’s come to characterize the month of Ju

05-26-2023 07:30:00 UTC

The simplest way to prove vaccines cause autism

Count up the number of kids who exhibited autistic behavior right before their vaccine vs. right after their vaccine. Isn't it amazing nobody has ever

05-26-2023 04:22:59 UTC

I'm willing to bet $1M that fully unvaccinated people are healthier than fully vaccinated people

The CDC would like us to believe that we should fully vaccinate to protect us from disease. But the reality is that multiple studies have shown the op

05-26-2023 03:34:55 UTC

California Governor Gavin Newsom Has Disgusting Response to Target Boycott

Some conservatives are boycotting the retail chain Target, over the company’s promotion of LGBT and even Satanic themed merchandise. The post C

05-26-2023 03:15:38 UTC

Proof of malicious manipulation of data to support their agenda

I ran a poll on rates of autism before and after a vaccine appointment. I suggested Gorski run it himself. Instead, it appears he had his followers ma

05-26-2023 03:05:48 UTC

Elon Musk’s Brain-Computer Company “Neuralink” Receives FDA Approval to Launch Human Clinical Trial

Elon Musk’s brain-implant company Neuralink announced on Thursday that it has been granted official approval from the U.S. The post Elon Musk&#

05-26-2023 02:50:19 UTC

Chuck Schumer Slams ‘MAGA’ Supreme Court After All Nine Justices Rule Against EPA on Water Regulations

The entire U.S. The post Chuck Schumer Slams ‘MAGA’ Supreme Court After All Nine Justices Rule Against EPA on Water Regulations appeared

05-26-2023 02:30:13 UTC

LIVING RENT-FREE IN THEIR HEADS: CNN and MSNBC Mention Trump 399 Times in 10 Hours (VIDEO)

Folks at CNN and MSNBC love to complain about Trump, but it’s clear that they cannot live without him. The post LIVING RENT-FREE IN THEIR HEADS

05-26-2023 02:10:55 UTC

Ron DeSantis Dodges Question When Asked by Newsmax Host Bolling If He Would Be Trump’s VP (VIDEO)

Governor Ron DeSantis joined Eric Bolling on Newsmax on Thursday night following his announcement last night that he will run for US President in 202

05-26-2023 01:50:42 UTC

Growing ‘El Niño’ Expected to Cause “End Times-Level Disasters”

(OPINION) The waters in the Pacific are rapidly changing from their current La Niña condition to the warmer El Niño within a few short months. The L

05-26-2023 01:39:41 UTC

WATCH: FRAUD! Maricopa County Signature Reviewer Approves 30 Signatures in 30 Seconds

Another video shows a level one Maricopa County signature review employee verifying 2022 ballot affidavit envelope signatures in about one second per

05-26-2023 01:30:29 UTC

Parents in North Hollywood boycott school district’s planned Pride assembly: ‘Keep your kids home’

Parents in North Hollywood, California plan to boycott an assembly to discuss LGBTQ+ issues for Pride month at Saticoy Elementary School according to

05-26-2023 01:28:28 UTC

AMERICA IN CRISIS: Five Reports in Five Hours Reveal the Rise of the Marxist Horde and Their Assault on Our Sacred Rights

Thursday, May 25, 2023, was a day like no other. The post AMERICA IN CRISIS: Five Reports in Five Hours Reveal the Rise of the Marxist Horde and Thei

05-26-2023 01:05:58 UTC

Dr. Jill Channels Jeb Bush, Awkwardly Begs Audience to Clap (VIDEO)

Jill Biden on Thursday delivered remarks at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education in DC. The post Dr. Jill Channels Jeb Bush, Awkwardly Begs Audie

05-26-2023 12:43:05 UTC

House Ethics Committee Concludes 2-Year Investigation into Eric Swalwell’s Affair with Chinese Spy Fang Fang – Says No Further Action Will Be Taken

The House Ethics Committee has officially concluded its two-year investigation into allegations that Rep. The post House Ethics Committee Concludes 2

05-26-2023 12:20:19 UTC

Ep. 3077b - The [DS] Will Cease To Exist When This Is All Over, Obama Is Targeted

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05-26-2023 12:15:42 UTC

(NEW PODCAST) 3 Strongholds That Could Cause You To Be Left Behind

(OPINION) In this message, We discuss three powerful strongholds mentioned by Jesus in the Book of Luke that will be vices that believers will deal wi

05-26-2023 12:00:23 UTC

North Hollywood Elementary School Parents Group Planning to Keep Children Home in Protest of Pride Assembly

A group of parents in North Hollywood, California, plan to keep their elementary school children home on June 2 in protest of a planned Pride assembl

05-26-2023 12:00:22 UTC

Ep. 3077a - Countries/States Are In A Recession, It’s All Backfiring On The [CB]/[WEF]

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05-25-2023 11:46:57 UTC

McCarthy Leaves Capitol, Tells Reporters of Debt Ceiling Talks: “There’s No Agreement”

House lawmakers Thursday evening left the Capitol for the holiday weekend without a deal on the debt ceiling. The post McCarthy Leaves Capitol, Tells

05-25-2023 11:40:18 UTC

JUST IN: Texas RINOs Vote to Recommend Impeaching AG Ken Paxton – The Lone GOP Politician Fighting Against Democrat Election Fraud in the Lone Star State – OUTRAGEOUS AND TERRIFYING MOVE!

Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. The post JUST IN: Tex

05-25-2023 11:20:47 UTC

San Francisco Mayor’s Speech on Crime Interrupted By Activist Doing a Violent Crime (VIDEO)

San Francisco’s Democratic Mayor London Breed had to flee a speech that she was giving about crime as a violent crime took place in the crowd.

05-25-2023 11:02:17 UTC

I'm willing to bet $5M that vaccines cause autism

I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is that vaccines cause autism. Is there anyone confident that I'm wrong? This is easy money.

05-25-2023 10:33:32 UTC

Oprah Doesn’t Want Feinstein’s Senate Seat: Spox

Oprah Winfrey does not want Dianne Feinstein’s senate seat should the Democrat resign (or die) before her term expires. The post Oprah Doesn

05-25-2023 09:56:05 UTC

Petition Calls for Immediate Reinstatement of Moira Deeming

"The petition calls on Pesutto to immediately reinstate Deeming to the Victorian parliamentary Liberal Party and issue a joint statement clearing Deem

05-25-2023 09:38:28 UTC

Back Room Uni-Party Deal Brings Mega Casinos to Long Island

Last Updated on May 25, 2023 The county legislature of Nassau County New York, a purple suburban county on Long Island, unanimously approved a deal to

05-25-2023 09:06:43 UTC

Migrant Baby Dies in NY Hotel – Third Migrant Child to Die in Two Weeks

In June 2018 TIME Magazine posted the image of President Trump looking down at a crying Honduran child who they suggest was separated from her mother

05-25-2023 09:00:40 UTC

Breaking: Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Sentenced To 18 Years For “Terrorism” On Jan. 6 | EP 3467-6PM

Breaking: Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes Sentenced To 18 Years Over Jan. 6 Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was sentence

05-25-2023 08:46:01 UTC

“FREEDOM!” – “QAnon Shaman” Jake Chansley Released From Halfway House, Speaks Out On His Freedom and The Power of Forgiveness – VIDEO

January 6 political prisoner Jacob Chansley, a.k.a. The post “FREEDOM!” – “QAnon Shaman” Jake Chansley Released From Halfway Ho

05-25-2023 08:44:04 UTC

Suspect Who Fatally Shoved Man Onto Minneapolis Light Rail Released Without Charges (VIDEO)

Suspect Daquan Rogers The suspect who fatally shoved a man onto a Minneapolis Light Rail last week was released without charges. The post Suspect Who

05-25-2023 08:40:57 UTC

DeSantis Mega Donor Ken Griffin Attends Bilderberg 2023

Globalist Billionaire Ken Griffin attended Bilderberg 2023 this past weekend. Griffin has called Donald Trump a three-time loser and pledged to back R

05-25-2023 08:37:12 UTC

Foreign Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Recalls Entire First Batch of Cars Shipped to US Over Serious Safety Issue

A Vietnamese carmaker’s entry into the American electric car market has hit a pothole, with all of the first batch of vehicles sent to the U.S. The

05-25-2023 08:12:36 UTC

ANOTHER DOJ LEAK: Jack Smith’s Prosecutors Have Evidence Trump Kept Classified Documents in His Office and Showed Them to People

Another day, another Deep State leak. The post ANOTHER DOJ LEAK: Jack Smith’s Prosecutors Have Evidence Trump Kept Classified Documents in His

05-25-2023 07:35:47 UTC

Flashback: Ron Paul Exposed Why Supporters Of Big Government Hate Gold and Silver – And The True “Purpose Of Buying Gold”

  Years ago, Ron Paul predicted the situation we’re in now. The post Flashback: Ron Paul Exposed Why Supporters Of Big Government Hate Gold an

05-25-2023 07:15:50 UTC

Support a healthy heart and immune system with turmeric root powder and ground black pepper

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05-25-2023 06:59:33 UTC

DECENTRALIZE EVERYTHING! Why I am embracing decentralized content and finance (DeFi)

DECENTRALIZE EVERYTHING! Why I am embracing decentralized content and finance (DeFi) For more updates, visit:

05-25-2023 06:49:26 UTC

Biden Screws Up Congressman’s Name in Audience During White House Event in Rose Garden (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday announced his intent to nominate General Charles Q. The post Biden Screws Up Congressman’s Name in Audience During White

05-25-2023 06:41:44 UTC

Cluster of Mpox cases in Chicago raises concerns of resurgence this summer

Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said last week, however, there is a “substantial risk” of a resurgence this su

05-25-2023 06:38:15 UTC

Researcher says “Lab-Grown babies will be here within 5 years

According to recent breakthroughs in Japan, it may be possible to grow human babies in a lab in just five years. Researchers have developed a process

05-25-2023 06:26:36 UTC

The Lying Media With Blood On Its Hands - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Video Sponsor - Watch 'The Holy Grail' only on - Start your free seven day trial now. Order T

05-25-2023 06:19:45 UTC

8 Amazing facts about our resurrected bodies and the new Heaven and Earth

(OPINION) Have you ever thought about what our resurrected bodies will look like and what abilities we will have in them? Will we still need to sleep

05-25-2023 06:13:50 UTC

FLASHBACK: Katie Hobbs’ Attorney Claimed That Missing Chain of Custody Does NOT Invalidate Ballots Because of “Multi-Level Signature Review Process” – New Evidence PROVES 274,000 Ballot Signatures Approved in LESS THAN 3 Seconds Each (VIDEO)

A video of Katie Hobbs’ attorney touting Maricopa County’s signature verification process resurfaced after a Judge dismissed Kari Lake

05-25-2023 06:10:09 UTC

In Huge Blow to Joe Biden, Supreme Court Unanimously Rules Against EPA in Wetlands Dispute

The US Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to regulate wetlands. The post

05-25-2023 05:45:18 UTC

Corrupt DC Judge Mehta Lectures Oath Keeper Founder Stewart Rhodes Then Sentences Him to 18 Years in Prison for January 6

Oath Keepers founder Elmer Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years in prison by US District Judge Amit Mehta on Thursday morning. The post Corrupt D

05-25-2023 05:20:51 UTC

63% of Americans Believe Trump-Russia Smear was “Hit Job” Against Trump – Majority Want FBI to be Criminally Prosecuted for Their Actions

In July 2020 documents were released by the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the Russia collusion hoax. The post 63% of Americans Believe Trump-R

05-25-2023 04:57:16 UTC

NYC Professor Who Threatened New York Post Reporter with Machete Turns Herself In To Police, Cries Victim!

The NYC professor who cursed at pro-life students and threatened a New York Post reporter with a machete turned herself in to police Thursday morning

05-25-2023 04:20:18 UTC

Woman Who Identifies As 15-Year Old Boy, Charged With ‘Unlawful Harboring of Minors’

A 35-year-old woman from Washington who reportedly told police she identifies as a 15-year-old boy was charged with ‘unlawful harboring of minors&#

05-25-2023 04:03:47 UTC

Biden Regime Lumps Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans into Same Category as Nazis in New DHS Anti-Terrorism Program

Earlier this year we learned that the FBI was targeting and infiltrating Catholic parishes to spy on the congregations. The post Biden Regime Lumps C

05-25-2023 04:00:21 UTC

Canadistan Is Out of Control: New Survey Shows Growing Population Support for Euthanizing the Poor and Homeless – Number of Assisted Suicides Skyrockets Ten-Fold in Half a Decade to 10 Thousand People

The culture of death is creeping in many countries of the world. The post Canadistan Is Out of Control: New Survey Shows Growing Population Support f

05-25-2023 03:45:35 UTC

George Washington University Caves to Woke Mob – Unveils “Lame” New Nickname After Crybaby Students Whined the Old One was “Extremely Offensive” (VIDEO)

The George Washington University (GWU) officially caved to the woke, crybaby mob Wednesday and changed its nickname. The post George Washington Unive

05-25-2023 03:30:17 UTC

Top FBI Official Admits She Never Read Durham Report and Doesn’t Know Anyone at FBI Who Has Read It (Video)

During a recent Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing a top FBI official admitted she has never read the Durham Report. The post Top FBI Official Ad

05-25-2023 03:15:14 UTC

Lawless NY Democrat Prosecutors Set May Trial Date for Bogus ‘We Build the Wall’ Charges Against Steve Bannon – Something He Was Already Pardoned For Back in 2020

In September 2022, Former Chief Strategist for President Trump, Steve Bannon, traveled to New York City and turned himself in after was indicted on n

05-25-2023 03:00:38 UTC

Unapologetic Jamaican Vacation Rental Owner Says She Will No Longer Allow Black Americans to Stay At Her Property: “They fight with each other, they’re disrespectful, they’re entitled” [VIDEO]

A Jamaican business owner who leases small cottages as short-term rentals to tourists has said she will be blocking “Black Americans” fro

05-25-2023 03:00:34 UTC

Adam Riva, creator of HUMAN PHARMING, drops stunning truths about the "deep church"...

Adam Riva, creator of HUMAN PHARMING, drops stunning truths about the "deep church" controlling humanity To learn more, visit: https://dauntlessdial

05-25-2023 02:51:45 UTC

Doug Billings announces the Determined Patriotism Conference with AMAZING speakers

Doug Billings announces the Determined Patriotism Conference with AMAZING speakers To learn more, visit: For more updates,

05-25-2023 02:49:32 UTC

BBN, May 25, 2023 - There is a way to RESCUE the REPUBLIC (feat. Doug Billings)

Brighteon Broadcast News, May 25, 2023 - There is a way to RESCUE the REPUBLIC (feat. Doug Billings) 0:00 Intro 2:25 Lab-grown meat 7:38 Sudden Death

05-25-2023 02:48:52 UTC

A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: Arkansas Man Who Trolled Nancy Pelosi by Putting His Feet On Her Desk During J6 Protests Sentenced to Over FOUR YEARS in Prison by Radical Judge

Fox News reported the Arkansas man who became famous for putting his feet on then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk was sentenced to four and a half

05-25-2023 02:45:37 UTC

Target pulls Trans designer’s products, Mainstream blames “Right Wing Extremists” for removal

(OPINION) Target said this year’s Pride collection led to an increase in confrontations between customers and employees and incidents of Pride m

05-25-2023 02:41:39 UTC

Instant Classic! “Ron DeSanctimonious Can Kiss My Big Beautiful 2024 Presidential A**. Trump 2024 Baby LET’S GO!” Trump Supporter Makes Hilarious Parody of Ron DeSantis’ Disaster Campaign Launch (MUST SEE VIDEO)

President Trump posted an epic video last night trolling Ron DeSantis’ 2024 announcement.  The humorous ad features George Soros, Klaus Schwab

05-25-2023 02:30:07 UTC

WHO chief warns the World must PREPARE for ‘even deadlier pathogens’ than COVID-19

The head of the World Health Organization warned Monday the world must prepare for the next global pandemic, warning that the consequences could be ev

05-25-2023 02:19:20 UTC

Get Woke, Go Broke: Target’s Stock Plummets Amid Growing Backlash and Calls for Boycott

Target is facing a significant decline in its stock shares as a result of mounting backlash and widespread calls for a boycott over its satanic and w

05-25-2023 02:15:36 UTC

Is Iran unlocking the gates to Armageddon?

(OPINION) Nearly a year ago, I warned in these pages that Israel and Iran were rapidly reaching an inflection point over Tehran’s intent to weaponiz

05-25-2023 02:05:37 UTC

Rep. Jim Jordan Sends Letter to FBI Demanding J6 Pipe Bomber Update – FBI Has Information on Suspect’s License Plate Number But Have Made No Arrests?

Over two years ago, on January 5, 2021, a suspect planted pipe bombs near the Washington DC RNC and DNC headquarters the night before the January 6,

05-25-2023 02:00:31 UTC

Video Dispatch - 25 May 2023

27 Videos

05-25-2023 01:59:53 UTC

Biden Effect: China in Arms Sales Talks with Former US Clients Saudi Arabia and Egypt

With Joe Biden at the helm, former US allies are looking east to build new relationships. The post Biden Effect: China in Arms Sales Talks with Forme

05-25-2023 01:45:16 UTC

Anheuser-Busch InBev Market Value Has Collapsed $15.7 Billion Since Dylan Mulvaney Partnership

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s market value has collapsed by a massive $15.7 billion since Bud Light’s partnership with transgender activist and infl

05-25-2023 01:30:38 UTC

DeSantis’ Twitter Debacle Costing Him Dearly – Endorsement Flips Support to Trump

The campaign kickoff of Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. The post DeSantis’ Twitter Debacle Costing Him Dearly – Endors

05-25-2023 01:30:14 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 25 May 2023

Ron DeGlitches Am I Right?

05-25-2023 01:18:13 UTC

JUST-IN: Maricopa County Attorneys Seek More Bogus Sanctions Against Kari Lake – Do NOT Cite Claim of 274,000 Ballot Signatures Approved in LESS THAN 3 Seconds Each

Corrupt Maricopa County requested Sanctions and Attorneys’ Fees against Kari Lake and her attorneys on Wednesday, claiming they “repeated

05-25-2023 01:15:23 UTC

Smoking Gun: Hunter Biden’s “Pay for Play” Contract/Emails Revealed From Days Before the Infamous “Son of a Bitch Was Fired” Trip to Ukraine

Joe Biden infamously bragged about his “$1 billion loan guarantee” quid-pro-quo meeting that took place in December 2015 in Ukraine.  Jo

05-25-2023 01:00:39 UTC

Bob Kudla - IMF Fiat Panic, The Economic Crisis Can Be Turned Around, It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

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05-25-2023 12:59:46 UTC

Missouri v. Biden Lawsuit Discovery: Biden Regime Designates YOUR THOUGHTS as Part of Government Infrastructure – They Call It “Cognitive Infrastructure” and They Believe It Is Their Right to Control It

The Gateway Pundit previously reported in May that then Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, along with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, 

05-25-2023 12:45:51 UTC

Dean Michele Bachmann in Geneva: WHO Director Demands Sovereignty and Control Over All Member Nations Due to Global Warming Crisis

Former US Representative and Regent Graduate School Dean Michele Bachmann is attending the 76th World Health Assembly this week in Geneva, Switzerlan

05-25-2023 12:30:11 UTC

DeSantis Accused of Plagiarizing ‘Great American Comeback’ From Trump (VIDEOS)

The Trump campaign has accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of plagiarizing the former president in his candidacy announcement. The post DeSantis Ac

05-25-2023 12:15:39 UTC

Greenwald: Regime Journalists Promote The ‘Right’ Conspiracy Theories To Be Successful

"Journalists who spread conspiracy theories that the CIA wants them to spread get promoted, and the journalists who question the conspiracy theories o

05-25-2023 12:03:54 UTC

Russia and China vs The United States — Revenge of the Nerds Part Deux

I will apologize up front for using the campy 1984 movie, Revenge of the Nerds, as a prescient portrayal of the shifting power relationship that favo

05-25-2023 12:00:22 UTC

Poll: Almost Two Thirds Of Americans View Media As “Truly the Enemy of the People”

"A mind-blowing damnation of the regime press"

05-25-2023 11:39:42 UTC


“Multiple Steps – Slow Walked at Direction of Department of Justice” – IRS Whistleblower in Hunter Biden Probe Goes Public, Speaks to CBS News

05-25-2023 11:12:44 UTC

Target To Remove Satan ‘Pride’ Products; Democrat Accuses CEO Of “Selling Out LGBTQ+ Community”

Company says "we've experienced threats impacting our team members' sense of safety and wellbeing"

05-25-2023 11:05:58 UTC

Curing the Corruption of Medicine: Dr Aseem Malhotra’s Australian Tour

"After the past few years of mandates and now emerging injuries, this topic is crucial and the timing critical."

05-25-2023 10:28:39 UTC

“There’s Poop Everywhere”: San Francisco’s Office District Not Only A Ghost Town, It’s Also Covered In Sh*t

Everyone knows that San Francisco is the nation’s largest public toilet – requiring the city to employ six-figure ‘poop patrolR

05-25-2023 10:26:05 UTC

Trump Mocks DeSantis Twitter Launch ‘Disaster,’ Releases Savage Attack Ad

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday mocked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ troubled Twitter Space presidential campaign launch as a R

05-25-2023 10:20:11 UTC

DeSantis Announces ‘Great American Comeback’ 2024 Presidential Run

"Facts instead of fear, education instead of indoctrination, law and order over rioting and disorder."

05-25-2023 06:06:53 UTC

Announcing a Special Edition of the VSRF Weekly Update Tomorrow

VSRF's Vaccine Injured Director Angela Wulbrecht, RN is hosting.

05-25-2023 04:20:09 UTC

(WATCH) DeSantis launches presidential campaign with ‘Great American Comeback’ video

Saying that he’s “running for president to lead our great American comeback,” Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida formally launc

05-25-2023 04:14:23 UTC

Fitch just placed the United States’ AAA rating on negative watch, citing debt ceiling fight

Fitch put the United States’ AAA long-term foreign-currency issuer default rating on negative watch Wednesday evening, pointing to brinksmanship ove

05-25-2023 04:05:50 UTC

North Dakota school district will conceal students’ gender identities from parents despite state law prohibiting it

A school district in Fargo, North Dakota, will conceal the gender identities of students from parents in spite of a state law prohibiting the policy a

05-25-2023 04:00:03 UTC

Leftist Singer John Mellencamp Song Highlights Disastrous Portland “Land of Plenty Where Nothing Gets Done”

Portland, Oregon is such a disaster, even singer/songwriter John Mellencamp, who boasts he is “as left-wing as you can get,”  has penned

05-25-2023 02:20:52 UTC

Trump Responds To DeSantis Presidential Announcement With Two New Videos

President Trump has officially responded to Governor Ron DeSantis’s 2024 presidential announcement by releasing two new videos. The post Trump

05-25-2023 01:40:46 UTC

Ron DeSantis Says 2018 “Build the Wall” Ad Was “Satirical” Aimed to Manipulate Media into Talking About His Campaign (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Florida Governor and now presidential candidate Ron DeSantis joined libertarian TV presenter John Stossel to discuss his plans. The post

05-25-2023 01:29:37 UTC

Oath Keepers To Receive First ‘Seditious Conspiracy’ Sentences on Thursday, Government Seeks ‘Terror-Enhancements’ on Group that Was Non-Violent on Jan. 6

US District Judge Amit Mehta heard victim impact statements on Wednesday as he prepares to deliver the first Jan. The post Oath Keepers To Receive Fi

05-25-2023 01:00:01 UTC

Kinda Creepy, Kinda Weird: Ron DeSantis Spends First 30 Seconds of Gloomy Launch Ad Ending with Him Walking Behind Dark Curtain, the Second Dark Curtain in the Ad, Because One Dark Curtain is Not Enough (VIDEO)

Kind of creepy. The post Kinda Creepy, Kinda Weird: Ron DeSantis Spends First 30 Seconds of Gloomy Launch Ad Ending with Him Walking Behind Dark Curt

05-25-2023 12:40:38 UTC

“Multiple Steps – Slow Walked at Direction of Department of Justice” – IRS Whistleblower in Hunter Biden Probe Goes Public, Speaks to CBS News (UPDATE: Full Video of Interview)

The IRS whistleblower who went to Congress with claims the Justice Department interfered with a years-long high profile tax investigation–repor

05-24-2023 11:52:53 UTC

IRS Opened Investigation Into Journalist Matt Taibbi on Christmas Eve Weeks After He Dropped “Twitter Files” Documents

Matt Taibbi (L) Joe Biden’s America. The post IRS Opened Investigation Into Journalist Matt Taibbi on Christmas Eve Weeks After He Dropped R

05-24-2023 11:30:39 UTC

A “Yawnfest” – “Boring AF” – “A Sh*t Show” -“I’m About to Fall Asleep” – Feedback Comes In on DeSantis-Musk Snoozefest

Feedback is pouring in on the Ron DeSantis presidential announcement with Elon Musk. The post A “Yawnfest” – “Boring AF”

05-24-2023 11:10:50 UTC

LISTEN LIVE HERE: Ron DeSantis Presidential Campaign Announcement Crashes – Planned Twitter Space with Elon Musk at Four Seasons with Billionaire Donors Crashes on Launch

Ron DeSantis Wednesday evening announced his run for the White House in a live event with Twitter owner Elon Musk. The post LISTEN LIVE HERE: Ron DeS

05-24-2023 10:31:14 UTC

Ep. 3076b - Panic In DC,[HRC]/[Schiff] On The Defensive,FISAGATE,Election Interference,Retribution

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05-24-2023 10:29:29 UTC

Comer Drops $5 Million Biden Bribe Bombshell in Letter Threatening Wray with Contempt Over Subpoenaed FBI Whistleblower Document

Rep. The post Comer Drops $5 Million Biden Bribe Bombshell in Letter Threatening Wray with Contempt Over Subpoenaed FBI Whistleblower Document appear

05-24-2023 10:20:46 UTC

Breaking: DeSantis is officially running for president, becoming Trump's top GOP primary rival

UPDATE: posted at 7:49 PM EST:The Twitter Spaces event featuring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suffered technical difficulties. The event ended up being

05-24-2023 10:09:39 UTC

Ep. 3076a - D’s Panic Over The Debt Ceiling, IMF Panics, Fiat In Process Of Being Destroyed

Hit your weight management goals faster with this #1 keto supplement --> Click Above ^ To Get Up To 51% OFF !!!    The [DS]

05-24-2023 10:08:32 UTC

NOT A JOKE: Gavin Newsom Flirting with Appointing Oprah Winfrey to Replace Dianne Feinstein in the Senate Should Feinstein Resign (VIDEO)

If California Governor Gavin Newsom has his way, we could soon see Oprah Winfrey walking the halls of Congress. The post NOT A JOKE: Gavin Newsom Fli

05-24-2023 10:03:43 UTC

UK Teacher Banned for Pronoun Blasphemy After Saying ‘Well Done, Girls’

"Sutcliffe praised a group of students during a maths lesson, stating, 'Well done, girls.'"

05-24-2023 09:10:50 UTC

Ron DeSantis Will Launch His 2024 Campaign Wednesday Using the Alliance of Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch as Boost

Ron DeSantis Will Launch His 2024 Campaign Wednesday Using the Alliance of Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch as Boost … And so it will come to pass, as m

05-24-2023 09:10:03 UTC

Update on Alleged “White Supremacist” Who Crashed U-Haul into White House Barrier: Sai Kandula Bought His Nazi Flag Online, Supports Eugenics and One World Order, and IS NOT A US CITIZEN

On Monday night a man driving a U-Haul truck attempted to ram his way through a White House barrier. The post Update on Alleged “White Supremac

05-24-2023 09:00:59 UTC

New report reveals that Chinese hackers attacked U.S. infrastructure

Microsoft warned on Wednesday that Chinese state-sponsored hackers had compromised “critical” U.S. cyber infrastructure across numerous industries

05-24-2023 08:48:24 UTC

JUST IN: Microsoft Warns Chinese Hackers Compromised Critical US Infrastructure with Focus on Gathering Intelligence

Joe Biden’s America. The post JUST IN: Microsoft Warns Chinese Hackers Compromised Critical US Infrastructure with Focus on Gathering Intellige

05-24-2023 08:40:19 UTC

EVIL: Vicious Thugs Brutally Beat Maryland Father to Death Outside His Home Because He Refused to Hand Over His Son – Angry Mob Wanted to “Finish” a Schoolyard Fight (VIDEO)

  Brooklyn Park, Maryland – A Maryland father was brutally murdered by an angry mob Saturday while defending his children after an “

05-24-2023 08:25:14 UTC

WATCH: Kari Lake SLAMS Ron DeSantis Over Disney Fight Ahead of Campaign Launch: “If You Can’t Beat Donald Duck, How Are You Going to Beat Donald Trump?”

Kari Lake spoke out against Ron DeSantis this week on Newsmax for so far losing his war with Disney and explained why she thinks the Governor “

05-24-2023 08:05:51 UTC

Get Ready For Summer With A Sale On Beach Blankets, Towels and More At MyPillow (Up to 60% Off!)

We all know Mike Lindell has been working tirelessly to ensure fair elections. The post Get Ready For Summer With A Sale On Beach Blankets, Towels an

05-24-2023 07:45:57 UTC

White House Says There Will be a Recession and Millions of Jobs Lost if Republicans Don’t Bend to Biden’s Demands on Debt Ceiling (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday said if the US goes into default, there will be a recession and millions of jobs lost 

05-24-2023 07:40:17 UTC

Writings of the Elite! How the World Really Works – The BIS, EU, Rhodes & More (Half) – Jay Dyer

Tonight we return to the Raitu book on the history of the Milner Group and its intrigues with BSAC and the formation of the BIS, the EU and Churchill&

05-24-2023 07:32:33 UTC

BREAKING: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Formally Enters 2024 Presidential Election, Files FEC Paperwork

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis filed to enter the 2024 presidential election on Wednesday. The post BREAKING: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Formally E

05-24-2023 07:11:49 UTC

Legendary Singer Tina Turner Dead at 83

Iconic singer and songwriter Tina Turner has passed away after a long illness at her home in Switzerland. The post Legendary Singer Tina Turner Dead

05-24-2023 06:55:20 UTC

MUST READ: America First Legal Uncovers Vast Censorship Network Funded by State Department, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Others – That Targeted, Censored and Discredited Independent Media Outlets Who Were Challenging Official Narrative

America First Legal posted a lengthy Twitter thread on Wednesday exposing the State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC). The post MUST

05-24-2023 06:35:03 UTC

(WATCH) Massive brawl breaks out at Chicago airport baggage claim as travelers yank hair and land blows

This is the shocking moment a mass brawl broke out at an airport as travelers threw punches and yanked on each other’s hair. The footage was cap

05-24-2023 06:04:38 UTC

Fists and Weaves Fly in Massive Brawl at Chicago O’Hare Airport (VIDEO)

A massive brawl broke out at a baggage claim at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Monday evening. The post Fists and Weaves Fly in Massive Brawl a

05-24-2023 05:55:30 UTC

The percentage of people asking Google if they’re “Gay” in some form of fashion has soared 1,300 percent in 19 years

(OPINION) Google searches related to personal sexual orientation and gender identity have skyrocketed since 2004, according to new research. The Cultu

05-24-2023 05:45:43 UTC

Chinese military just conducted a simulation that featured destroying a U.S. carrier fleet

Hypersonic weapons could be “catastrophic” for the most potent aircraft carrier group in the US fleet, according to war game simulations run by a

05-24-2023 05:36:08 UTC

Robert Kennedy, Jr: “President Trump Has Shown Himself to Be the Most Devastating Debater Probably Since Abraham Lincoln” (VIDEO)

Democratic candidate for president, Robert Kennedy, Jr. The post Robert Kennedy, Jr: “President Trump Has Shown Himself to Be the Most Devastat

05-24-2023 05:35:23 UTC

Support healthy immune and digestive function with organic turmeric, black pepper and ginger

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05-24-2023 05:32:05 UTC

Target to Remove All Satanic Pride Designs After Parents Raise Hell Over ‘Tuck Friendly’ Bathing Suits

Target is removing some LGBTQ+ merchandise from its Pride Month collection following massive backlash across the country. The post Target to Remove A

05-24-2023 05:15:53 UTC

JAPAN TARGETED by globalists for depopulation...

JAPAN TARGETED by globalists for depopulation: Investigative journalist Masako Ganaha interviewed by Mike Adams To learn more, visit: https://www.gan

05-24-2023 05:14:07 UTC

BBN, May 24, 2023 - Health Ranger announces adoption of breakthrough privacy crypto tech...

Brighteon Broadcast News, May 23, 2023 - Health Ranger announces adoption of breakthrough privacy crypto tech for payments and tipping systems 0:00 I

05-24-2023 05:13:33 UTC

Rasmussen Reports Survey: Majority of Americans Agree Media Favors Democrats and is “Truly the Enemy of the People”

A new Rasmussen Reports survey reveals that a majority of Americans believe the media favors Democrats and is “truly the enemy of the people.&#

05-24-2023 04:55:58 UTC

North Face Unveils New Ad Featuring Drag Queen For Pride Month (VIDEO)

Get woke, go broke. The post North Face Unveils New Ad Featuring Drag Queen For Pride Month (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

05-24-2023 04:36:40 UTC

Video Dispatch - 23, 24 May 2023

47 Videos

05-24-2023 04:16:52 UTC

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Treasury is Hiding Human Sex Trafficking Documents on Hunter Biden – With Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers of People Involved in Prostitution Rings – Including Russians (VIDEO)

Rep. The post Marjorie Taylor Greene: Treasury is Hiding Human Sex Trafficking Documents on Hunter Biden – With Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers

05-24-2023 04:15:10 UTC

Reverend Franklin Graham Issues Warning to America: “The Storm is Coming…Every Demon in Hell Has Been Turned Loose”

  Orlando, Florida- Reverend Franklin Graham has warned America about the “coming storm” headed its way. The post Reverend Franklin Graham I

05-24-2023 03:55:03 UTC

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Seeks Court Approval to Suspend “Right to Shelter” Policy as City Struggles Due to Influx of Illegal Immigrants

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was finally given a dose of reality about what residents who live near the border have been going through for years. T

05-24-2023 03:30:12 UTC

Texas Winery Owner Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison for Handing a Helmet to Violent Protester to Bash in a Window Before Ashli Babbitt Was Shot Dead in Cold Blood

Texas Winery owner Chris Grider was sentenced this week to SEVEN YEARS in prison for handing his helmet to a violent protester who used it to beat on

05-24-2023 03:15:25 UTC

Ex Google CEO warns A.I. poses existential risk of people being ‘harmed or killed,’

(OPINION) Artificial intelligence could pose existential risks and governments need to know how to make sure the technology is not “misused by evil

05-24-2023 03:09:03 UTC

19 children are dead after girl burns down dormitory over her cell phone getting confiscated

A school dormitory was set ablaze, killing 19 children, allegedly by a student who was upset that school officials confiscated her cell phone, police

05-24-2023 02:43:56 UTC

America’s new “Woke Religion” is growing faster than ever

(OPINION) Have you “seen the light” yet? As Christianity has declined in the United States, other faiths have moved quickly to fill the void. In p

05-24-2023 02:32:17 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 24 May 2023

Opposition is Extremism

05-24-2023 02:05:23 UTC

Cotton Blasts “Target’s Partnership With Satanist To Push Trans Agenda On Children”

'Remarkable, even by the standards of woke corporations'

05-24-2023 11:55:57 UTC

Elite To Crown DeSantis; Whose Sister ‘Died Suddenly’ Auditing Private Bank of Elite | EP 3464-8AM

Ron DeSantis Is A ‘Knight of Malta’ No matter how much everyone’s gushing for DeSantis, we cannot erase the following fac

05-24-2023 09:47:05 UTC

Small Citizens Make Big Government

"It doesn't take a great deal of strength to snap a single twig with your bare hands. Those who wish to dominate us understand this truth."

05-24-2023 06:41:40 UTC

Ep. 3075b - [DS] Distraction Failed, 25th In Play, Patriots ILS Approach Looks Good

  Help take years off the clock with Collagen --> Click Above ^ To Get Up To 51% OFF !!!     The [DS] attempted a [FF] t

05-24-2023 12:31:08 UTC

What Was It Like in the 90s? High School? Dating? 90s Commercials -Jay Dyer

I polled the youth recently and they said it’s different than the John Hughes idea of high school. Tonight we do a bit of nostalgia and reflect

05-23-2023 11:56:26 UTC

Hell on Reels: Dark Occult Noir – A Character Study in CHAOTIC EVIL-Psycho, White Heat & More

I was on a quest to find dark occult noir and we found them. Jamie and I will cover 4 films from the 40s and 50s air ahead of their time in terms of c

05-23-2023 09:09:13 UTC

C.S. Lewis Sounded the Alarm, but We Paid No Heed

"I am very doubtful whether history shows us one example of a man who, having stepped outside traditional morality and attained power, has used that p

05-23-2023 09:07:57 UTC

Former Child Star Speaks Out About Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

05-23-2023 03:57:27 UTC

Men, Women & Feminism: Traditional Living Vs Nihilism – Brittany Sellner & Jay Dyer

Brittany joins me to discuss the dangers and dark side of feminism and how it leads to nihilism. Far from empowerment, it seems built on the notion th

05-23-2023 03:49:26 UTC


A 30-ton shipment of explosive chemicals traveling from Wyoming to California by rail disappeared en route, officials say A 30-

05-23-2023 11:04:03 UTC

You’ve Probably Never Seen A Comedy Act Like This

Probably the world's first and only anti-abortion stand-up routine...

05-23-2023 07:50:10 UTC

Can you name >5 unvaxxed Amish who died from COVID? Why not? They are "supposed to be" dying in droves!

The Amish didn't lockdown, social distance, mask, or take a vaccine. It was business as usual. Few died. I offered $2,500 for anyone who could name >5

05-23-2023 04:52:57 UTC


Seymour Hersh: ‘Something Else Is Cooking’ In Ukraine Authored by Seymour Hersh, via Scheerpost, This story is a follow up to Seymour Hersh’s or

05-22-2023 09:23:37 UTC

What Is Agent C? NSW Government Funding Anti-Far-Right Workshop

"At least when the Church was at the helm of our moral compass, its message was impartial. The way to live your life was decreed by God, not a politic

05-22-2023 09:05:52 UTC

Deleting Cash Is All About CONTROL - David Icke In 2017

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05-22-2023 08:41:52 UTC

H.P. Lovecraft Themed Films! 8 Films That Will Break Your Mind

Jay and Jamie cover 8 or so HP Lovecraft themed films that break through to the other side – the dark side. Lovecraft films and others inspired

05-22-2023 06:50:09 UTC

Video Dispatch - 22 May 2023

For Archival Purposes

05-22-2023 01:44:45 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 22 May 2023

We're surrounded

05-22-2023 01:32:21 UTC


CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953 The CIA programs spanned some four decades. Starting as a paramilitary operat

05-22-2023 11:38:05 UTC

Australian Government Ruled COVID Wrong-Think ‘Domestic Terrorism’

"The former Morrison government, under domestic terrorism response protocols, sought out cyber censorship of COVID related content 4,213 times."

05-22-2023 07:08:25 UTC

Vaccines cause autism

Nearly all the world's autism experts know it. They just can't talk about it.

05-22-2023 01:45:23 UTC

Schools Can Secretly “Gender Transition” Children Without Parental Consent

“There may be circumstances in which students wish or need to undertake gender transition without the consent of their parent/s (or carer/s), and/or

05-21-2023 11:32:44 UTC

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution

"It is women who are overwhelmingly the losers when it comes to the assault on marriage and the push for sexual liberation."

05-20-2023 09:38:16 UTC

Generation Z takes over our socials this weekend.

Hold on tight, because this weekend The VSRF College Edition is taking over the VSRF and Defeat the Mandates' social media accounts, and we are giving

05-20-2023 05:53:05 UTC


Bombshell Closing Arguments in Signature Verification Trial – DAY THREE Maricopa County ballot affidavit signatures Kari Lake

05-20-2023 01:17:11 UTC

Vale Tim Keller

The New York Presbyterian pastor and popular author Tim Keller has passed away, aged just 72.

05-20-2023 05:11:20 UTC

The most important survey I've ever done

Are you a parent of a child 40 and younger? Please take my survey now. It's REALLY important. I'll explain why soon. Just take my word for it right no

05-20-2023 01:05:30 UTC

California Is Bleeding Actors: “I Don’t Feel Much Further Need for Hollywood”

Actors talk ditching socialist California, while Dreyfuss dumps on Hollywoke.

05-19-2023 09:59:31 UTC

Elon, Gates, Soros - Frontmen for the cult - David Icke in May 2020

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05-19-2023 09:36:43 UTC


FBI misused surveillance tool on Jan. 6 suspects, BLM arrestees and others The FBI has misused a powerful digital surveillance

05-19-2023 09:11:57 UTC

Video Dispatch - 19 May 2023

41 Videos

05-19-2023 03:17:48 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 19 May 2023

Stand Proud, White Man

05-19-2023 02:59:59 UTC

So Very Often Our Politicians Let Us Down

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you!”

05-19-2023 06:21:10 UTC

Hindsight Is Not Good Enough

"Hindsight is not good enough. Foresight should be the specialty of the church."

05-18-2023 08:47:59 UTC

Are we currently experiencing a great awakening? - Gareth Icke Tonight

On the show this week. Project Veritas media manager Mario Balaban talks about life after James O’Keefe, and the current expose of Dell Children’s

05-18-2023 08:05:32 UTC

If This Prat Becomes PM, Say Goodbye To What's Left Of Freedom - David Icke Dot-Connector

Video Sponsor - Watch 'The Holy Grail' only on - Start your free seven day trial now. Order T

05-18-2023 07:19:42 UTC

Video Dispatch - 18 May 2023

For Archival Purposes

05-18-2023 03:08:08 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 18 May 2023

Bilderberg Begins

05-18-2023 02:31:43 UTC

Trump Exonerated

"Our findings and conclusions…are sobering... Neither U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evide

05-17-2023 11:22:58 UTC

Thurs VSRF call made possible by your donations

Clay Clark from the ReAwaken America Tour Thurs May 18 on the VSRF Weekly Update

05-17-2023 08:43:28 UTC

Epic fail: Dorit Reiss and friends try to discredit Turtles

Dorit Reiss wrote an article trying to takedown "Turtles all the way down." When the comments on her post got way too embarrassing, they simply delete

05-17-2023 05:27:04 UTC

Video Dispatch - 17 May 2023

For Archival Purposes

05-17-2023 03:33:36 UTC

Too Big To Fail Banks Now Connected To Jeffrey Epstein Child Sex Trafficking

05-17-2023 03:22:10 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 17 May 2023

Criticizing Nazis Makes You A Nazi

05-17-2023 02:54:10 UTC

Christian Conservatives Are Not Welcome in the Liberal Party

"Sadly, there is way too much silence in the Liberal party. But what we saw last week was far worse than silence. Deeming was being punished for speak

05-17-2023 06:47:35 UTC

Dr. Marcus Law believes that physician obedience is more important than patient outcomes

He's Assoc. Dean of the MD program at University of Toronto. Is this the role model for doctors at U of T?!? Will any of the doctors at U of T speak o

05-17-2023 12:21:48 UTC

‘Whiteness’ Crisis Disinformation: Biden Continues to Spread Lies

"The hypocrite in chief, who has weaponised law enforcement against political opponents, said, he stands for 'rejecting political extremism and reject

05-16-2023 10:27:20 UTC

The True History of the Vatican: Pius IX, US Relations & More – Tim Gordon & Jay Dyer

Tim Gordon rejoins me to cover the modern history of the Vatican, from the era of Pius IX and Vatican 1 and the interesting relations with the US gove

05-16-2023 08:16:41 UTC

Video Dispatch - 16 May 2023

For Archival Purposes

05-16-2023 01:44:40 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 16 May 2023

Vindicated AGAIN

05-16-2023 01:32:13 UTC

Never Forget What They Did to the Unvaccinated

"Although many would like to pretend it never happened, unless we confront it honestly, we risk history repeating itself the next time the elites turn

05-16-2023 07:17:47 UTC

The ‘Unenlightened’ Victorian Liberal Party

"Apparently, if you think that men and women are not fully interchangeable, that marriage is not open to any combination, and that killing babies in t

05-15-2023 11:17:17 UTC

Anglo-Saxon True History: Scott Mannion on English History & More – Jay Dyer

Scott Mannion joins me to discuss his research into the real history of Albion, without any of the dross of w0ke nonsense. Since my background is Clan

05-15-2023 06:49:03 UTC

Video Dispatch - 15 May 2023

For Archival Purposes

05-15-2023 04:54:39 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 15 May 2023

Feel it in your heart.

05-15-2023 04:52:29 UTC

The Royals & The Murder Of Diana - David Icke Speaking In The Late Nineties

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05-15-2023 07:51:07 UTC

Civil Rights Activist Leaves Audience Speechless: “Look Beyond Race… America Is Drowning Because It’s in Moral and Spiritual Freefall”

“The big crisis facing America is not racial. It is the moral and spiritual freefall that is consuming our children.”

05-14-2023 09:40:43 UTC

The Real Meaning of the Mission Impossible Films – Jay & Jamie

In this analysis we will break down all 7 installments of the Mission Impossible franchise in anticipation of the coming 2 part conclusion (?) –

05-14-2023 06:38:39 UTC

What Created Western Civilisation?

"Christianity is not just responsible for helping create Western civilisation, it is also responsible for creating the nations of Europe and giving th

05-13-2023 10:47:38 UTC

I Had to Press Pause on VSRF today

VSRF is hitting pause to focus on our fundraising efforts.

05-13-2023 05:45:41 UTC

Government Workers Betray Constitutional Oath and Submit to United Nations Agenda

05-13-2023 01:14:47 UTC

UK Far-Left Labour MP Suspended Over Remarks Inspired by ‘Only White People Are Racists’

"Some sanity has entered the hallowed halls of Westminster."

05-12-2023 10:33:00 UTC

Want to debate the world's top misinformation superspreaders? Here's how.

Gosh. All of a sudden I'm in demand from pro-vaxxers who want to debate me! I'm happy to accept. Here are my proposed rules so that we can have a mean

05-12-2023 09:04:39 UTC

Video Dispatch - 12 May 2023

For Archival Purposes

05-12-2023 02:04:08 UTC

Daily Dispatch - 12 May 2023

It was fun while it lasted.

05-12-2023 01:46:06 UTC

What Ended Western Civilisation?

"Christianity was not dethroned to enable a secular utopia, in reality, Christianity has been dethroned to create a vacuum and that vacuum is being fi

05-12-2023 07:16:48 UTC

My failed attempt to red-pill Dorit Reiss

I pointed out that there are no safety studies for any US vaccine proving they are safe. This didn't seem to bother her. Here's the transcript of what

05-12-2023 05:09:10 UTC

BLM Chases Murder Charge for Retired Marine Who Protected Subway Passengers

A witness said, the homeless man was "screaming in an aggressive manner," saying, "he had had no food, drink, was tired, didn’t care if he went to g

05-11-2023 09:24:35 UTC

Cut The Bullshit - It's A Calculated Invasion - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

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05-11-2023 05:19:29 UTC

Is MRNA Causing Our Extinction? - Gareth Icke Tonight

On Gareth Icke tonight this week. Former Pfizer exec turned whistleblower Karen Kingston is on the line from the USA to break down the contents, and

05-11-2023 12:41:43 UTC

Moira Deeming Serves Victorian Liberal Leader John Pesutto With Defamation Concerns Notice

"The notice alleges that Pesutto falsely labelled Deeming a 'Nazi sympathiser' to justify his failed attempt to have her expelled from the Liberal Par

05-11-2023 07:18:27 UTC

Rejecting the Family Outright?

"To say you should not care about the nation because you are part of the people of God is precisely the equivalent of saying you should not prioritize

05-11-2023 04:59:57 UTC


05-10-2023 03:29:01 UTC

"Be Gone With Them" - David Icke Talking About The Royal Family In 2015

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05-10-2023 10:20:39 UTC

Tucker Carlson Is Back!

Over two million views in one hour.

05-09-2023 09:47:16 UTC

Deeming Labelled a ‘Terrorist’ in Second Attempt to Expel Her From the Victorian Liberal Party

"Going to a women’s rights rally brings down the Liberal Party, yet slandering biological women, as 'Nazis,' 'extremists,' and 'terrorists,' somehow

05-08-2023 09:09:00 UTC

The Migrant 'Crisis' Is An Elite Manipulation - David Icke Talking In 2015

Video Sponsor - Watch 'The Holy Grail' only on - Start your free seven day trial now. Order T

05-08-2023 11:08:38 UTC

Trans Gimmick Makes a Mockery of the U.S. Military

"China is going to destroy us," said former Seal Team Six member, Robert O’Neill.

05-07-2023 09:27:45 UTC

God Save the King. No, Really

"It's said that Mary Queen of Scots once admitted that she feared John Knox’s prayers more than all the assembled armies of Europe. She understood r

05-06-2023 09:23:53 UTC

DC Court Obliterates US Bill of Rights

05-06-2023 11:50:23 UTC

The Potential Evils of Specialization

"Blind trust in the experts, simply by virtue of the fact that you are not one of them, is a primary mechanism for allowing society-wide evil to happe

05-05-2023 09:19:45 UTC

Landmark Class Action Filed Against Australian Government Over Vaccine Injuries

"What has been frightening and quite distressing is that I continue to get emails daily from people with extremely severe, life-changing events: death

05-04-2023 09:00:13 UTC

The Left-Brain Prison - Why The World Is What It Is - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Video Sponsor - Watch 'The Holy Grail' only on - Start your free seven day trial now. Order T

05-04-2023 05:48:52 UTC

Will you be swearing allegiance? - Gareth Icke Tonight

On the show this week, we have Danielle and Alica join us from Canada to talk about their new film ‘the hidden healthcare crisis’. They expose how

05-04-2023 01:34:06 UTC

Australian Pastor Goes Viral After Warning of Coming Clash Between Christianity and “LGBTQ+ Sex Religion”

“Our culture worships the god of self. It’s the gospel of self-love, self-discovery and self-expression," he said.

05-04-2023 06:45:20 UTC

Apostasy and Revival: How the Church of England Is Being Replaced by a More Godly Anglican Church

"The decision of the Church of England to depart from the faith once delivered to the saints of course has global implications..."

05-03-2023 09:16:23 UTC

Thermographic Imaging Shows Massive Blood Clots in the Asymptomatic Vaxxed

05-03-2023 01:08:09 UTC

NSW Police Hit Kirralie Smith With Trans-Activist Apprehended Violence Order

"I am 51, with a busted knee, and have never been violent in my life! It is not violence to speak the truth!"

05-03-2023 06:59:12 UTC

There Is a Place for Healthy Scepticism

"There are plenty of things we should not believe, and that we should question, doubt and even call out. Having a healthy scepticism is always an im

05-02-2023 10:11:50 UTC

Why The Cult Sold Twitter To Elon Musk - David Icke

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05-02-2023 01:37:47 UTC

Child Sacrifice and Impending Defeat

"No nation which sacrifices its children in large numbers as we do can expect to stand for long against populations with larger numbers and more tradi

05-02-2023 06:35:14 UTC

Protests After Former PM Gagged for Opposing Race-Based ‘Voice’ to Parliament

"Never before have we been frogmarched into changing the constitution like this."

05-01-2023 09:31:14 UTC

Politicians Make the Worst Theologians

"Bach appeals to the Biblical command to love while attempting to scold Christians for holding to the Biblical definition of love."

05-01-2023 06:26:31 UTC

The Muzzled Majority Must Speak Up

"Since postmodernism has convinced generations that the highest ethical and moral good is individual happiness the majority have held their tongue and

04-30-2023 09:50:50 UTC

Schaeffer: “We Live in a Post-Christian World. Do Not Take This Lightly!”

"It is a horrible thing for a man like myself to look back and see my country and my culture go down the drain in my own lifetime."

04-29-2023 09:12:09 UTC

RFK Jr and the CIA

04-29-2023 12:19:04 UTC

The Persecution of Christians by Zelensky’s Ukraine

"Ukraine’s security forces are carrying out raids of churches and arresting their clerics on accusations of treason."

04-28-2023 09:41:23 UTC

Sydney School Tells Students With “Invader Ancestry” to Wear Orange

"I felt that...they were deliberately targeting white students in a way that would only make them feel shame about their appearance and cultural backg

04-28-2023 06:57:19 UTC

Spielberg Slams the Revisionist Culture War on Western Cinema

“No film should be revised based on the lenses we know are either voluntarily or being forced to adhere to.”

04-27-2023 09:38:59 UTC

Over 30 Million Views Already: Tucker Speaks Out After Leaving Fox News

"When honest people say what's true, calmly and without embarrassment, they become powerful. At the same time, the liars who've been trying to silence

04-27-2023 07:20:21 UTC

If Pagans Can Do It

"Imagine what the highly capable European peoples of the western world could achieve if freed from the massive weight of the burden of debt around the

04-27-2023 06:48:16 UTC

What Albanese’s ‘ANZAC’s Were Racist’ Speech Got Right and What It Got Horribly Wrong

"The 'Yes' campaign’s subliminal insertion into the PM’s speech was an abuse of the office’s ANZAC Day platform."

04-26-2023 09:45:48 UTC


  The post MORE PENTAGON UFO INFO RELEASES!! appeared first on L. A. Marzulli.

04-26-2023 08:42:47 UTC



04-26-2023 07:41:37 UTC


  The post A GIANT OVERCOME BY ANGELS!! appeared first on L. A. Marzulli.

04-26-2023 06:38:35 UTC


  The post CALLED OUT TO JESUS AND SAVED!! appeared first on L. A. Marzulli.

04-26-2023 05:35:18 UTC

Our Ring Fenced World - Open Your Mind - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

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04-26-2023 03:04:01 UTC


04-26-2023 11:47:16 UTC

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

"Jonah understood the grace of God, mostly, but he had forgotten the most important part: 'But for the grace of God, there go I.'"

04-25-2023 09:55:32 UTC

“Rewriting History”: Justin Trudeau Claims He Never Forced Anyone To Get Vaccinated

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has claimed he never forced anyone to take the Covid vaccines after his government implemented one of the wor

04-25-2023 04:35:31 UTC

Burned January 6 Conscientious Objector Calls Out Weaponization of the FBI

"The Special Agent, turned FBI whistle-blower, inferred that he was punished for opposing the ‘FBI’s deviation from normal case-management protoco

04-24-2023 11:29:26 UTC

“What You’re Watching Is Not a Political Movement, It’s Evil”: Tucker Carlson

"When people... decide that the goal is to destroy things, destruction for its own sake... what you're watching is not a political movement. It's evil

04-23-2023 11:13:16 UTC

The Jesus Revolution, My Story, and the New Film

"With millions of young people getting into the hippy scene, the drug culture, the occult, and Marxist politics, God did not leave himself without a w

04-23-2023 10:17:04 UTC

When Megachurches Are Publicly Critiqued, Sometimes It Is Well-Deserved

"It is just a shame that it is usually the secular press, and not the church of God, that has to call this stuff out."

04-22-2023 09:21:06 UTC

Day Care Industry Changes Will Turn Educators Into Orwellian Government Puppets

"What this turn towards 1984 looks like, is a seditious scheme to replace parents with parenting professionals."

04-21-2023 09:37:42 UTC

Washington To Castrate Minors Without Parental Consent As UN Pushes Legalized Pedophilia

04-21-2023 03:01:45 UTC

A National Identity in Limbo

"Australia has always struggled to assert its own identity on the world stage..."

04-20-2023 09:05:11 UTC

A Helpful Antidote to So Much of What Ails Us

"Yes, the next revolution surely must be amongst God’s people – to capture and cast out the hollow philosophies of the world that destroy our fami

04-20-2023 08:07:13 UTC

DeSantis Signs More Pre-born Protections Into Law

"All of these measures combined show that Florida is truly committed to building a culture of life by adopting family first policies and protecting li

04-19-2023 10:05:30 UTC

Nothing Is Truly Our Own

"Knowing all that you have is a gift creates in your life a sense of thankfulness..."

04-19-2023 07:03:35 UTC

Is the West Copying Communist China’s Surveillance State?

"...the only thing worse than this Big Brother overreach was the way the masses so readily went along with it all. They were more than happy to act

04-18-2023 09:48:06 UTC

The Peak Season Of Satanic Blood Sacrifice Is Upon Us

04-18-2023 03:08:11 UTC

WATCH: Moira Deeming’s Exclusive Interview With Peta Credlin

"Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming has sat down with Sky News host Peta Credlin for an exclusive interview to discuss her nine-month suspension from

04-18-2023 10:46:19 UTC

Tarantino’s ‘No’ on Sex Scenes Is Smart Storytelling

"Hollywood does better, and is better, when it respects both the intelligence of its audience, and the dignity of its actors/actresses."

04-18-2023 06:18:39 UTC

An Unapologetic Christian Apologetic

"In a world characterised by changing winds, shifting sands, and groping in the dark, Christianity provides the clarity of truth the mind craves."

04-17-2023 10:15:20 UTC

Say Goodbye to Religious Freedom

"They are looking to prohibit Christian schools from teaching, promoting, and adhering to the Bible’s teachings with which the LGBTQI+ does not agre

04-16-2023 09:46:32 UTC

Globalism Is Evil, Not Nationalism

"Globalism may have been sanctified by many in the Church, but its fate tells us how wrong these people are."

04-15-2023 09:22:12 UTC

How Two Great Christian Thinkers Developed Their Love of Books

“Give yourself unto reading. The man who never reads will never be read; he who never quotes will never be quoted. He who will not use the thoughts

04-14-2023 09:59:01 UTC

Walking Together? A Response to the Australian Bishops

"...what Walking Together really does is oppose the Church’s traditional covenantal theology, assert that the Gospel evangelists’ depictions of th

04-13-2023 08:39:45 UTC

Court Grants Church Compensation in Kentucky Lockdown Lawsuit Win

"A tenacious church in Kentucky has won a three-year lockdown lawsuit, backing claims State-enforced church closures during 2020 were an abuse of fund

04-12-2023 10:34:07 UTC

Three Catastrophic Wars To Complete The Bankers Reset

04-12-2023 06:36:49 UTC

Investigation Suggests Biden ‘Co-ordinated’ FBI Raid on Trump at Mar-A-Lago

"The investigation seems to prove what many have suspected: the Mar-A-Lago stunt is part of a wider attempt by Woke Democrats to purge a key political

04-11-2023 10:13:45 UTC

Old Feminists Are Reaping Their Reward

“The end result of feminism is inevitably big government, because, in reality, all the women did with woman’s suffrage was replace their husbands

04-10-2023 09:50:33 UTC

Lost Leaders and the Death of Nations

"When we wage full-tilt war on the most important social institutions of all time – marriage and family – then are we much better than the barba

04-10-2023 06:04:32 UTC

Structural Solutions Don’t Solve Community Problems

"Placing the blame for community issues in past traumas disempowers the current generation. You can’t change the past. So, if the past is the cause

04-09-2023 10:43:12 UTC

The Dangerous Message of the “Strong Female Protagonist”

"Young boys and girls are being shown a completely unrealistic view of the sexes and their physical capabilities, and this will cause harm."

04-09-2023 07:45:25 UTC

“I Know the Resurrection Is a Fact, and Watergate Proved It to Me”

"You’re telling me 12 apostles could keep a lie for 40 years?"

04-08-2023 11:00:37 UTC


  The post OBELISKS AROUND THE WORLD? (QUESTIONS with LA #24) appeared first on L. A. Marzulli.

04-08-2023 11:00:08 UTC


  The post HIDDEN NEPHILIM GIANT!! appeared first on L. A. Marzulli.

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04-08-2023 07:00:27 UTC

Are There 3D Renders of the Elongated Skulls? (Questions wit LA #23)

  The post Are There 3D Renders of the Elongated Skulls? (Questions wit LA #23) appeared first on L. A. Marzulli.

04-08-2023 06:00:37 UTC

How The Banks Work And Why They Are Collapsing

04-08-2023 12:23:45 UTC

Threatening to Kill Yourself if People Won’t Change Can Be Abuse

"If 'Trans Lives Matter,' and they do, then is it fair for politicians, media heads, and activists to misdiagnose the problem of self-harm and suicide

04-07-2023 11:00:54 UTC

No More Lies – We Must Proclaim the Truth, Even if It Costs Us

“If the world is against the truth, then I am against the world.”

04-06-2023 09:41:43 UTC

The Progressive Mindset and Why It’s Dangerous

"The minstrels promised utopia and the crowds fell under their sway, as surely as if they were children listening to the Pied Piper."

04-06-2023 06:54:59 UTC

The Libs Half-Hearted ‘No’ to the Voice

"The proposal comes without any evidence The Voice will help Indigenous Australians."

04-05-2023 09:47:55 UTC

American Farmers To Begin Injecting Livestock With mRNA Shots This Month

04-05-2023 04:15:33 UTC

Advice for the Liberal Party of Australia

"Pass policies which make life easier for Australians to have large families and this will have a positive impact on this nation for generations."

04-05-2023 06:58:07 UTC

Jordan Peterson Doesn’t Understand Marital Submission

"Peterson’s psychoanalytical musings betray his lack of understanding of Christian tradition and the Bible itself."

04-04-2023 09:28:55 UTC

‘Even Dragons Shall Him Praise’ Hits #1 on iTunes

"Sauvé's new album Even Dragons Shall Him Praise hit number one on the iTunes Christian charts today shortly after its release. When you hear it, you

04-04-2023 05:14:27 UTC

Refreshing New Kids Allegory ‘The Pauper’s Robe’ Is Dressed for Success

"The Pauper’s Robe is rich in Biblical truth."

04-03-2023 09:49:00 UTC

It’s the Vibe of the Thing

"A lot has been said and written about the past which is either not correct, or is taken out of context to make Australians seem far worse than they a

04-02-2023 09:53:25 UTC

TikTok and the Surveillance State

"Social media apps are increasingly becoming a part of the surveillance state. Because of this, various countries are already cracking down on things

04-01-2023 10:06:24 UTC

If Latham’s Tweet Is Too Offensive for Twitter, It’s Too Offensive for the Classroom – That’s the Point!

"What Latham has vividly demonstrated is that material too descriptively offensive for Twitter ought to be regarded too descriptively offensive for ou

04-01-2023 03:46:02 UTC

Global Elites Goading Americans Into Violence Against Transsexuals

03-31-2023 09:55:48 UTC

Trump Indicted!

"They’ve been doing this for decades, Trump said, 'including spying on my campaign, but weaponizing our justice system to punish a political opponen

03-31-2023 09:21:41 UTC

John Pesutto Must Go

"Politics can often bring out the worst in people. We had this on full display with Pesutto. But politics can often bring out the best in people. W

03-30-2023 09:24:58 UTC

Christians Blamed for Trans Terrorist Massacre

"Actual violence, racism, and bigotry are deployed against anything perceived to be violence, racism, and bigotry."

03-29-2023 10:16:19 UTC

Jesus Revolution: A Spoiler-Free Review

"It’s not just one of the best Christian movies I have seen in a while, it is one of the best movies I have seen in a while."

03-29-2023 06:24:38 UTC

Disagreement Isn’t Murderous Hatred, and Those Who Say Otherwise Are Grooming Killers

"Is it any wonder we’ve lost the art of political debate? We don’t debate ideas anymore because they’re not considered 'ideas' anymore. Every co

03-28-2023 09:46:13 UTC

Six Killed, Including Three Children, After Transgender Shooter Targets Christian School

"The shooting occurred the same week a group of transgender activists announced a 'Trans Day of Vengeance' in Washington D.C. while raising money for

03-28-2023 05:10:08 UTC

UK Street Preacher’s ‘Misgendering’ Conviction Overturned

"The street preacher was found guilty by a Magistrates court, then made to pay a £620 fine and complete 80 hours of community service."

03-27-2023 08:49:57 UTC

Moira Versus the Woke Goliath

The leftist Libs really are toast – long live Moira Deeming.

03-27-2023 05:49:29 UTC

Woke White House Abused Power When Labelling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ Report Finds

"Targeting those concerned about Woke school boards pushing Critical Race Theory, and LGBTism falsehoods onto their kids, Garland repeatedly referred

03-26-2023 08:49:51 UTC

Dr. Alphonso Monso – Slide Show

Dr. Alphonso Monso - Slide Show PDF Link - What they are injecting into you from the Pit of Hell  

01-21-2023 07:43:00 UTC

Fascinating: People explain why they never took the shot

Explanations of why people didn't take the shots. Scroll down to comments:

01-19-2023 12:05:55 UTC

Melissa: The 5 Laws of Stupidity

The Five Basic Laws of Human Stupidity As written by Carlo Cipolla . 1.  Always and inevitably, each of us underestimates the number of stupid people

01-12-2023 05:34:17 UTC

WOW: Interview with Loy Brunson – The SCOTUS Case

Loy Brunson - The Scotus Case that Could Change Everything Part 1

12-30-2022 09:55:46 UTC

Melissa: Great Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some of my thoughts on New Year's resolutions. Maybe you'll find a few that can help you make 2023 a great year!: As we move into another pot

12-30-2022 08:31:37 UTC

Video of Live Presentation from 11-16-22

Video from Live Presentation that Kate did on 11-16-22 in St George, UT

12-15-2022 05:23:51 UTC

Kate on C-SPAN Thanksgiving Day

NOVEMBER 24, 2022 | PART OF WASHINGTON JOURNAL 11/24/2022 Washington Journal - Kate on C-SPAN LINK:  Discussing Mood of the country on Thanksgiving D

11-28-2022 09:47:02 UTC

Kate Exposing the Spiritual Warfare for Humanity

Kate on Alex Jones, The Spiritual Warfare for Humanity  

11-20-2022 02:02:18 UTC

Diesel Fuel Crisis to Hit by Thanksgiving

Diesel Fuel Crisis to Hit by Thanksgiving Kate on Alex Jones with Guest: Auto Industry Insider

11-03-2022 04:14:44 UTC

The Real Anthony Fauci Movie – Free

The Real Anthony Fauci Movie Free until 10/25 website Scroll down the page.

10-19-2022 11:15:05 UTC

A Nation Under Threat by their Government – Australia’s Quarantine Camps

Whilst keeping the community safe is a great slogan, over the past few months we have seen these facilities being used for much more sinister purposes

01-13-2022 03:59:43 UTC

5 Reasons Your Child Should Not Take the Pfizer (or Any mRNA) Shot

As the Australian government and mainstream media continue to work together to achieve the world's highest vaccination rates, it's important to questi

01-06-2022 06:04:27 UTC

Dr Andreas Noack Dead After Bombshell Vaccine Discovery

Germany – Dr Andreas Noack, a renowned scientist and expert in activated carbon claims to have discovered nano structures in the COVID-19 vaccines t

01-04-2022 08:06:54 UTC